Monday, July 21, 2008

Help Gwen Stefani’s “Early Winter” take home the "Moon Man"

MTV is trying something new this year with the VMA’s, they’re letting the public choose both nominees and winners for 8 categories. After the nominees are narrowed down by the fans, there will be another round of voting to pick the actual winners. MTV will open up 2 categories each week, this being the first week; they’ve opened up Best Male Video and Best Female Video. I’m quite keen on the idea, and no I’m not British.

Watch the (YouTube) video before reading on, if you can because I want to know if your interpretation differs from mine. If your employer blocks YouTube and you’re reading this at work, just watch the video later.

If you really love me, vote for Gwen Stefani’s Early Winter video, not only because she hails from Orange County (Anaheim in fact), but because it’s important to me [you know right alongside world peace, the environment and a Latino Gotham City Mayor]. I was stuck on Early Winter for months; I couldn’t stop watching (or listening) to it, it so blissfully-depressing. Those are the best ones, loving the infliction of so much emotion, forgetting to be upset that the feelings are not unlike those brought on by the death. Early Winter’s a breakup song in which a girl realizes she allowed a guy to dictate her existence. If you’ve seen the video you probably understand why. The guy playing her soon to be ex-bf looks perfectly innocent and harmless yet causes her a great deal of grief. In flashback scenes, he comes across like the sensitive yet charming type, but breaks her poor little heart. Gwen looks absolutely amazing in this video, evoking Marilyn Monroe, which, if you recall Marilyn’s battles with love (among other battles), naturally makes you feel sorry for the girl.

The video interweaves scenes of an all black wearing, post-breakup Gwen, with scenes of a crying, wedding dress-wearing Gwen in a beautifully empty ballroom, at times surrounded by floating red feathers or snow. Not to change the subject but she wears a black turtle neck in the video, refer to my post titled “Shanaydo Connor” to understand why it’s sorta funny.

The video was filmed in Milan, Prague and Budapest and directed by Sophie Muller who also directed "Don’t Speak" among several other No Doubt and Gwen Stefani videos. Sophie’s resume includes videos for Annie Lennox, Shakira and the critically acclaimed comeback video for the Dixie Chicks, “Not Ready to Make Nice”. The girl got talent, and she’s one of Gwen’s BFF’s.

If you’re a rebel and decided to vote for another video, post a comment and let me know which one you voted for. After which point I will consider you DEAD TO ME!

Don’t forget to go vote for Gwen by following this link:

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  1. Fat kneed white chickJuly 22, 2008 at 8:06 AM

    She is BEAUTIFUL! I had never heard the song before but after viewing it I have VOTED, not just because WHAT is NOT to love about HIMBO but because it's a great video and song! Also, totally laughed out loud when I read the turtleneck reference - I got right away because I am quick! Did you know they do not make turtlenecks for fat kneed white chicks so racist huh?!?

  2. LOL! Shut up Southern Bell - you are too funny! I'm gonna get fired "a whole buncha times" for laughing out loud, as loud as I just did from reading your comment about the turtle necks. I've decided The South is a black hole, (No pun intended*... "allegedly".), where all things good never find their way.

    *Why is it that when I'm on Puntabulous, I can't come up with a pun to save my life?!

  3. When I hear the words "Himbo,Puntabulous & Puns" I think of the word "punishment" as in Anal Punishment. Doesn't it just go together?

  4. BDC: Like cool-aid and sugar. I am administering anal punishment to you at the very moment you took that picture (your thumbnail), you seem to be enjoying it.

    Southern Bell aka fat kneed white chick: you need to have a Blogger profile and I strongly suggest starting your own blog too, your funny and I know you got stories gurrrl. BTW, your boy is awesome! He reminds me of a young Himbo, back when I was an introvert. He opens up and lets loose when he is comfortable with his surroundings... you shoulda heard him talking all kinds of ish on your knees, today. JK that was BDC.

  5. Cochino with your anal punishment!Honestly!


  6. Anal punishment...what ? This sounds interesting !
    cochinos !!

  7. I HEART GWEN and EVERYONE knows it so I will definitely VOTE for GWEN!!! This was such an amazing video, teh song brings tears to my eyes..for a number of different reasons. I love you CB!!!!