Sunday, July 13, 2008

I <3 Kathy Griffin

Friends have mentioned her to me before but I never really paid attention. I just finished watching her "Allegedly" special, t'was hilarious! I'm sorta tired so I'll post a more compelling blog later, I just wanted you all to be aware that I just discovered Kat -- that's my nickname for her, we're BFF's, she calls me every five minutes.


  1. Can I be BFF'S with you guyz too? I heart Kat-Grif (that's what I call her when we hang out)

  2. Ummm, so I knew her before you. Back off!

  3. Just Don`t Lose To Much Weight,Cuz We`ll Have To Call U Slimbo Instead Of Himbo.......And Katy Griffin Is UGLY......

  4. BDC... you're so silly... you already call me "Slimbo". You're so cool for always worrying about me, but don't worry, I wont let my manorexia get out of control (this time).

    And you are so right about that ugly Katy Griffin girl... she got beat real bad with the ugly stick, a whole buncha times. [Smacking my lips as a sign of displease] I don't even like that name! Katy, who names their daughter Katy anyway, honestly (except for Katy Perry's parents)! Unless you want her to marry at age 12 to a weird scientologist who jumps on couches. That's why I like Kathy Griffin... KatHy... th... th... Kathy Griffin.

    BTW; your moms ugly.


    JK BDC! Don't conduct a drive-by at my house, I was only joking.

  5. How odd I live on a totally other side of the country of you people and I too love Kathy! I have her on automatic record and I should be her assistant! - but you know what she does have many not pretty moments - I've decided she should NEVER wear her hair curly, EVER! Totally NOT attractive! (on her)

  6. southern bell: I have to concur with you on that assessment. Curly = no bueno for Kathy Griffin. She also needs to stop telling people she fell asleep in the sun, every time she gets some microdermabrasion, but I love her for keeping a straight face when she told people. That's why I heart Kathy Griffin. That and because she says "biblioteca" so many times, yet it's funny every time!!