Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So most of you reading this probably already heard of the earthquake we just experienced. I work in the basement of a 1,600 room hotel where all of the walls are made of glass. It was quite an experience for me, and I'm actually quite accustomed to earthquakes as I grew up on the San Andreas Fault (in the Coachella Valley/Palm Springs). Everything is fine here, no damage was caused, just some scared folks. Primarily, I wanted to post immediately so that my family and friends knew I was okay. I also wanted to be one of the first to post... HAHA!

Here's the little I know about the eq.
Initial Eqrthquake 5.8 epicenter was southwest of Chino Hills

We also experienced a smaller 2.something as I was typing this blog for you but it was a baby, I didn't stop typing for it.

I'll post pictures as they become available but I don't think there's anything to show at this point. The bark was louder than the bite. Stay tuned...


  1. BC!!!!

    Get back to WORK :) your HR Lover!!!

  2. I knew it was a QUAKE because my Tori hunter Bobblehead was moving more than usual :) but NO need to fear he is OK!!!! That was a close one for us :)

  3. SO glad you guys are safe!!! I never get to hear the news (because I am not allowed) and I had just walked in to a store with CNN on talking about the earthquake - which is odd because I am never in a store here besides Walmart because there are no stores near me ;-) and at that exact moment bondon called me, very ironic...I'm glad I was in the store because I would have felt awful that all you guys were in this earthquake (including mi nino) and I had no idea because I'm usually WAY to busy fighting off spiders, pinch bugs, and killer frogs! If I can offer any advice do not ever move to nowhere GA because there are tons of bugs EVERYWHERE and what sounds like killer frogs attacking the outside of the house all night...OK so I went off track...bottom line I used to work way down under the hotel too I can just imagine how scary an earthquake underneath all that would be and I am glad you all are safe! ;-)