Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mark & Chelsie are "Bleeding Love" on SYTYCD

I dunno why it took me so long to post this, I guess I've been a little busy. But check it, Chelsea and Mark are INSANE! This is by far my favorite routine this season. Bon Don makes me replay it like 50 times (not exaggerating... okay maybe just a little) on the DVR every time she comes over, but I gladly oblige. Seriously kids, this is hot!! Tabitha (or Tabither, as Kat Deeley would say) & Napoleon are officially my favorite choreographers on the show.

This is going down in SYTYCD hall of fame, next to Wade Robson's "hummingbird & flower routine" ("The Chairman's Waltz" track on the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack) and the "Table Routine" ("Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics) Mandy Moore choreographed for Neil and Sabra.

What's your all time favorite SYTYCD routine?


  1. keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love...

    you know I just made Dito play this video for me like a whole bunch of times!!

  2. You cut me open... allegedly!

    Don lie sir, I know it was really BDC from SantanaCompton that really made you watch it a whole buncha times. I noticed he downloaded it on his cell phone. But why is (a purple blouse wearing) Mark BDC's wallpaper, this whole time I thought he liked Chelsie?

  3. LOL!!!

    Himbo! Don't front! I busted BCD with his wallpaper and I saw with my own two eyes a picture of YOU with a little purple v-neck blouse and matching chonies.

  4. Oaky, now that I have seen it...Oh My Gawd !!!! I soo love it!
    So now everytime I hear this dang song.. I think of how lil homegirl (forgot her name) starts dancing like there's no tomorrow! OMG, I love it!

  5. I LOVED it too, I'm so glad you put that up(seriously)....I want to dance EXACTLY like that one day and also to do a perfect Waltz, of course! OH One day, one day!!! Any Who- what's this -how come I never get to see the good pictures, Purple v-neck with matching chonies thats so Southern!