Friday, July 25, 2008

SYTYCD Update: Goodbye Will and SoCo

I meant to post earlier, about this weeks So You Think You Can Dance [SYTYCD] episode but I was really sick last night - I think I might have had food poisoning. I didn’t make it to work and slept most of today.

I’ll start by stating, this week was an interesting one (on SYTYCD), I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as America seemed to, but I’m happy with the results and overall t’was a good show. Toni Basil (Hey Mickey you’re so fine…) was this weeks guest judge, she’s kinda weird and her comments were interesting but I think I like her. She was wearing this really cool bracelet which kept drawing my attention, wonder where she got it? If you know who designed it, lemme know.

Tabither & Napoleon (Tabitha & Napoleon)

Have I mentioned I absolutely love Tabither and Napoleon? They’re the cutest little couple in the universe. They’re fresh yet humble; they have camera presence and have great chemistry with each other.

Mark and SoCo (Comfort)

I really liked Mark and SoCo’s hip hop routine, choreographed by my faves Tabither & Napoleon. For their second routine, they danced a fox trot to “Lady Luck”, the song instantly made me think of Pechanga Casino… lol. T’was choreographed by Jean Marc & France, I sorta like them, I fancy France’s hair. The judges didn’t like their routine so much, but it wasn’t as bad as the judges made it out to be – they did a pretty good job.

I also really, really, really dug SoCo’s solo, t’was siiiiiiick! She’s extremely good at her style (hip hop), not so much with other genres of dance but the girl ‘sgot the skills to pay the bills… mmkay. While I think it was right for SoCo to go home, simply because the other girls left in the competition are amazing, she is extremely talented and unique in her own right. I have no doubt the amount of exposure this show got her will take her to big places in the dance world. My gurrrl SoCo’s got my support.

Mark’s solo was pretty damn awesome too, he has some unique moves that only he can pull off (purple blouse or not), and secretly I’m a tad envious of his hair. Notice this week Mark danced sans purple blouse, I think he reads my blog, I really do. Did anyone catch Mark’s comment during the video package for his solo, “I was always a little bit… different”, hmmm…wonder if the network or the producers don’t allow him to divulge. However, I also noticed that Mark was a little grabby with Kat and SoCo, right after they’d been critiqued by the judges.

Cat Deeley (Host)
Cat seems to have latched on to Mark ever since Gev was voted off. Go back to your TiVo and replay all past episodes, Cat was always molesting Gev - it was cute. For the record, I love Cat Deeley, she's adorable.

Chelsie and Joshua

For their first routine, Chelsie and Joshua danced an Argentine Tango. I‘m not a fan of Joshua, in fact I think he should go home next. Chelsie on the other hand, so cute, so sexy, so awesome! Thanks to Chelsie, the routine was super sexy, I don’t think her dress was right for an Argentine Tango but she still looked amazing. She was clearly the stronger dancer of the pair; I think the choreographer added in the ending, where Chelsie literally takes over the dance and dominates Joshua. T’was my favorite part.

Their second performance was a disco routine choreographed by Doriana Sanchez. Again, Chelsie danced circles around Joshua. The routine was half good,the part Chelsie danced, the rest was a bit of a mess. Nigel gave him too much credit in the critique. Did anyone else notice Joshua’s moose knuckle? Disco seems to be the dance of death, along with the Quick Step.

No surprise, Joshua’s solo wasn’t very good but Chelsie’s was oh so hot! Her legs… come on! You can see the muscles bulging through her skin.

Will and Courtney

Will’s solo SUCKED! His awful wig didn’t help. Courtney’s adorable, her solo was beautiful. Her solo brought to mind a dancer auditioning for a once in a lifetime part.

The Samba was amazing! That yellow dress…OMG! She was hot, Will was not. I’m really glad to see Will go away; he was way too cocky and that “speech” he gave…. Puh-leaz. He ain’t nobody… peasant. It just came off as arrogant. Their second dance was a lyrical hip hop, but I didn’t get it. The choreography was good but I don’t think the couple executed it, and by couple I mean Will. Since I love Courtney, I’m gonna blame this one on Will.

Katee and Twitch

Their first routine was thoroughly enjoyable! A contemporary piece choreographed by Mia Michaels. Immediately Amy Winehouse came to mind, Katee’s makeup and hairdo resembled Amy’s signature Cleopatra-esque eyeliner and beehive. They danced to “Mercy” by Duffy which at first I thought was Amy herself singing. Even the choreography felt like a window into one of Amy’s famous drug fuelled fights with her BF. I would imagine Amy often goes OC (outta control) like that.

Amy Winehouse

Katee’s and Twitch are both soooo good! They both live in The OC, too. Mary decided to delight America with a knock knock joke..? I love that scream though. Bon Don can’t stand that she doesn’t move her teeth when she speaks, I think it’s funny!

I felt bad for Twitch, he was so emotional when he found out he was in the bottom two. Will was being fluffed by the judges this entire season; no one would want to be pinned up against him. Luckily, America got it right this time and gave Will the boot. As for next week, I'd like to see Joshua go home. Out of the guys, Mark is my favorite. All three remaining girls are great but I Chelsie is my favorite for sure.


  1. Himbo - you are such a great writer - REALLY - interesting and funny! You made me wish I watch SYTYCD!

  2. Dude No Body Wants To hear About This damn (Andy) Show We Want Drama....Like From Your Huge Mate...(Sandy The Room Mate) And All The Dick You Both Have Had...Plus Son, It Wasn`t Food Poisioning It`s called An S.T.D. Thats What Happens When You Wear No Guppie Catcher....And For This Fat Kneed Southern Belle. You Could Watch SYTYCD If you Would Have Not Been In Poland, See This Could Have Been Our Friend Himblow (THE TODD)...But NOOOO,You Let That Other Girl Get Me....Who I Love So Much. Sniff,Sniff, Smell That? Ya Me Too, I`m Whipped.....

  3. southern bell: ...Word. You should totally watch SYTYCD, it'll change your life. My goal from posting about SYTYCD is to get more people to watch the show. Not only to have more people to talk about SYTYCD with, but because I regard dance the same as music, it's such a privilege to witness - the world would be a sad, boring place without it. Seriously, watch it next week.

    BDC: lol! Shut up... niiiiiiinja! It *was* food poisoning - and yes, you are whipped but I don't blame you. Who wouldn't be whipped to the luxurious Bon Don dba: Yvonce-licious. I don't quite understand why she likes to sniff ish though? Especially gross, nasty ish. Must be why she loves you though, plenty of weird ish to sniff.