Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kherington and Gev have just been voted off of So You Think You Can Dance

Tonight, on So You Think You Can Dance, 18 Year old, Kherington of Orange County, California and 21 year old, Gev of Salt Lake City, Utah were voted off. I have one thing to say about that... WTF! Okay, maybe 2 things... OMG!

Kherington has been on a rampage, killing each routine she takes on, since Vegas week. She stood out as one of the strongest dancers in the competition, however, last night the dancers were split up from their usual partners and paired randomly to form new couples. Kherington was paired with the quirky, pointy eared, blouse-wearing Mark, another great dancer in his own right, but the couple didn't complement each other very well. Kherington over powered Mark, not only in height but in dominance which can work against the female counterpart. They were plagued with a horrid country western 2-step which in my opinion was a set up, but that's just me. She sooo did not deserve to go home. Instead, the judges kept Comfort, or as I like to refer to her, Southern Comfort. Don't get me wrong, I love the girl, SoCo is my guuuurl but she suffered from Parker Posey Syndrome, you know: hired, fired and then hired again, just last week and she trotted her way through a waltz - it was pretty foul! But when you compare the two dancers, Kherington blows SoCo right out of the whiskey bottle. The judges done messed up, mmkay!

Little b-boy, Gev has danced his poor little ass off each week, keeping up with the lyrical, ballroom, Latin and classically trained ballet dancers on the show. He was originally coupled with equally little, Courtney. This week he got the privilege of dancing with super-cute Chelsea but it wasn't enough to keep him safe from elimination. The show can stand to lose, cocky for no reason Will or Shamu-esque-Joshua. They both suck arse. If viewers could vote against dancers, rather than voting for dancers, I would be voting a lot more - but apparently no one is smart enough to think of that yet... 'sep for me, of course.

Well, regardless, it's still my favorite show on TV and I'll keep watching. Having Bon Don, BDC, Reina-B, Dandy-K, TaLom and sometimes, Stripper-Dula over at my casa, drinking more wine that one should, and talking a bunch of ish about anyone and everyone not in attendance. Hehe! Dandy-K ditched us for better people today, but no worries Dandy-K, we didn’t talk ish on you… or did we?

BTW, Kat Deeley’s nose is chueca (crooked) but it’s okay, she’s still cute in a freakishly tall sort of way.

Peace betches - don't hate!


  1. Yeah Dandy-K did we? muhahaha

    Ok Himbo enough with the shit talking on Dandy's BF Mark!and for the record I love all of Mark's blouses...Oh and leave Shamu I mean Joshua alone too, he doesn't know any better.

    And ha ha for no likey anyway. There I said it, I'm happy it was her and Cum-squirt I mean Comfort in the bottom 2!

    Sheez I woke up bitchy and hung over today!

  2. Lol! Cum Squirt, Bon Don said cum quirt. That's my gurrrl SoCo, don't hate.

    I woke up drunk this morning, I almost fell getting in the shower and when I got out, somehow all kinds of water ended up on the bathroom floor? I dunno what happened?

    I like Mark too, he's really good and it's not a bad thing that he has pointy ears. In fact, it's not a bad thing he wears blouses, I just wanted to point out the fact that he wears blouses because no one else has. If someone was reading this blog and wasn't as familiar with the dancers, as soon as I said blouse, they'd know exactly who I was talking about.

    You wake up bitchy and hungover every day, you menopausal alcoholic.

  3. Ooooh Mark, you're so dreamy! I'm so glad he didn't get voted off. Sorry I missed the big shindig last night... G worked me out good last night, so I was tired. Hehe that sounds funny.

  4. LOL! Bastard!

    I am NOT ... Stupid!

  5. Andy: Do you like Mark's blouses? Also, have you noticed they're always purple?

    Bon Don: No honey bunny, you're not stupid. No ones stupid... some of us are born "special". BTW, have you noticed Mark's blouses are always purple? I might post a blog specifically dedicated to Mark's purple blouses. Your thoughts?

  6. LOL!!!

    Purple Blouses!!


    I get it!