Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fix the biblioteca!

Sorry for posting twice in one day, when some days I don't post anything but I had to share this with you! I professed my love for Kathy Griffin in a post recently (titled "FYI: I heart Kathy Griffin"). I can come up with like 13 reason, but I'll start with 1: her inappropriate over-use of the spanish word biblioteca, meaning library. Watch this video, it's pretty funny.

What do you love about Kathy Griffin?


  1. What I LOVE about Kathy is OF COURSE that she gossip's sarcastically about EVERYONE! Love IT! Love the bag, love the shoes, LOVE Everything - about her! (except when she wears her hair curly - hate that!)


    “Allegedly” Himbo will be making his own little biblioteca for all the little chunties he knows, and “Allegedly” the only reading material that will be available will be Himbo's blogs, that way he can reform them into “Mini Luxurious Himbo’s”.