Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've updated my profile

I'm such a narcissus, but I can't help it. You encourage me :) OMG! I'm listening to Jill FM and they keep playing a commercial about a Katy Lang concert... Who cares! Okay, sorry, I'm a little ADD sometimes but where were we? Ah yes, I love myself... um, what else... Wait, why am I listening to Jill FM? I remember, I can't find Jack FM, and my chunty station (La Super Estrella) isn't working right now. Darn, I did it again huh, I'm off track? Well anyway, check out the About Me section of my profile and let me know if missed anything, mmmkay! Oooh, I love this song, (Take My Breath Away by Berlin just came on the radio) ....and say, take my breath awaaaaaaaaay. Take my breath awaaaaaaaaaay ...dan da dan dan da dan hmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm never hesitate to ...something something hmmmmm. I should go to bed.

I'm a 25 year old Mexican living in The OC and working in the Hospitality Industry. Lol! That sounded funny... "Hiiii, my name's Himbooo and I'm a 25 year old Mexican...", cut to me flipping my hair and curling my tongue, "Ch...yah, I work in the Hospitality Industry, I can mow your lawn AND clean your hotel room". No not really, I don't mow lawns (anymore) and I don't clean rooms.. really, I don't, I should at least clean my own room but I don't even do that. I actually work in a department that prices the hotel rooms based on demand, availability and a bunch of other variables [what the hell, where did that come from?]. Anyhoozles, I've been single for god knows how long, that's the only reason I have time to write this blog. I was born and raised in Southern California - it's awesome here, but I grew up in the Desert (La Quinta, CA to be exact) and moved around a lot, after my parents divorced. I have an older sister and a younger brother, I'm a middle child, 'nough said. Umm... what else? Oh yeah, I invented post it's. Don't hate.


  1. Himbo! You didn't tell them that I invented the glue for post-its... darn you!

  2. Nuh uh. No you didn't. If you did, you can tell me the recipe for the glue.