Monday, May 19, 2008

Step Into G... if you look like a Men's Health Magazine cover model

So I had a great weekend, naturally to be followed by a not so great Monday. I have a huge pile of work that never seems to dissipate, my outlook inbox collected over 1,000 emails and more ad hoc tasks than I know what to do with, however, I managed to remember to take my gym clothes with me to work (even though I arrived 15 minutes late). As it is, I drink too much coffee but due to the extenuating circumstances, I had more than usual. Add stress to the mix and voila! Queue the nausea and pains that can only be described as, what I think bleeding ulcer's feel like. I managed to pull myself away from the perpetual to do list to go to lunch, and of course… I over ate! But it sucked because it was Red Robin, to add salt to the wound, it wasn't even a real burger, I ordered a Boca burger and the server was an ugly fat heifer (hah, like me) with a shitty attitude!

I worked late because I had to make progress on my workload, I also wanted to take three days off this week, now realizing how completely overambitious that notion was. Since I worked late, I didn't get to the gym in time for my spin class, so I half heartedly schlepped onto the elliptical machine and joined my posse from Human Resources (EG, Melinder and Indy). Afterward, I decided to tag along with Indy and take a trip to Target, while we shopped for a few items we realized we were starving so we immediately wrapped it up and headed for Corner Bakery. After overeating for the second time today, Indy and I walked around the shopping mall, stopping here and there. We stopped at the "G by Guess?" store and were greeted by one of the associates with a script that someone at Guess? headquarters probably came up with (unsuccessfully, in my opinion), to *try* to indicate a sense of voguish atmosphere, "Hey what's goin' on, step into G, blah, blah, 50% off, blah, blah, blah…". Well, we 'stepped into G'; I tried on some jeans that would normally fit me loose, but I could barely get them over my knees, once I did get them on… well, I couldn't get them off fast enough. I stepped right out of G and wanted to step into the G-Y-M! Admittedly, it's not Guess?' fault that I avoided the gym for four months, in fact I'm sort of grateful to them because it inspired me to go to the gym with more frequency and interest, but it sort of closed the day appropriately with an in your face reminder of how unfit I've become. I'm getting up at 5:45am tomorrow morning and going for a jog before work because I will be stepping into G again and I will rock a pair of those bloody jeans, mmmkay! Then I'll go get a pair of RnR jeans, you know… real jeans. Kidding, I'm completely content with Guess? jeans, as long as they fit :)

Peace betches!


  1. Don't trip Himbo you'll be painting on some skin tight jeans in no time! and when you do you're so being renamed "Slim-bo"

  2. True dat! I'll have to change my blog to "Confessions of a Manorexic Slimbo". I should go to Urban Dictionary and add a description...

  3. OK! So I meant to do this a loooong time ago but I forgot and you know how that goes :( There is something so FUN about going to the Guess store with someone as cool as our little BC. Since I was there when this happened all I can say is that it only made us sad. So from now on we will not go into that store until we are slim like Kate Moss....LOL I don't know why I just said that. I think I also have ADD like BC does...maybe this is why we get along so well. WAIT!!! I just figured it out we get along so well because we HATE the same people!!!
    So sorry that this story made me laugh...I know I shouldn't have because it was not funny...But to be honest it was and we EVEN laughed when we were at the store.
    Ok! Bye---------- I <3 Tight Jeans!!!