Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aloha, a hui hou, Mark and Chelsie

I’m still recovering from the trauma of the results last week on SYTYCD. The news shook me more than the earthquake earlier this week. My two favorite dancers, Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura, were eliminated. I am left feeling much like Chelsie in the Bleeding Love routine, after Mark picked up his suitcase and left despite Chelsie's efforts.

Bon Don and BDC have threatened to boycott the show. I’ll just have to look forward to seeing Chelsie and Mark again on the SYTYCD Tour in September, Can-dee and I got tix! Allegedly.

Mark, I'll miss your purple blouses. Chelsie, I'll miss watching you top Mark and your ridiculous legs.

I need to figure out what we will do in a couple short weeks, after SYTYCD is over. What will we do every Wednesday or Thursday?

Use the comments to give me some ideas.

Aloha (goodbye), a hui hou (until we meet again), Mark and Chelsie!


  1. I couldn't believe it either. Boo hoo
    Okay my tears are gone...

    I think you guys should join me in Dancing with the Stars? Its a great freggin show! I dont mind twisting arms, cuz I will !

  2. BOO you whore!

    Why did you have to post this? I totally feel like the losers getting kicked off the show then be forced to watch their journey trying to hold back the tears... snif sniff

    But for the record I really liked this post!

    Areva Derche Marcos y Chelsie

  3. FUCK That Shit ASS Show!!!!! They Can Suck My ASS!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOO. Not My CHELSIE. CHELSIE!!!! Come Back To Me.

  4. Uhm...Helloooo
    Anybody hear me? Dancing with the stars ?? Boo you whores !

  5. mztapz:
    Okay Dar, what day, time and channel is Dancing with the Retards on?

    LOL! "Areva Derche Marcos y Chelsie", you are too funny!


    I watched that episode, finally, with BonDon. The one where Chelsie and Mark are voted off. T'was so sad, it broke my little heart. Bon Don balled her little eyes off - allegedly. It felt worst than the day George Dubya made it into office. This week is the last week until next year... ;(