Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunset Boulevard

Sometimes I get little reminders of how good I have it:

I live a couple of blocks from The Hotel so it only takes me about 15 minutes to walk home. In that short period, since we've switched back from daylight savings time, I have the privilege of experiencing sunset, everyday.

The weather has been just right, too. Cool but not cold, and since the latter part of last week we've been experiencing some mild Santa Ana's, carrying with them a sort of magical vibe.

Clock strikes 5, I unbutton my collar, loosen my tie, throw on my coat and turn on my iPod shuffle.

My route home is lined with trees coiled with little lights, on both sides of the boulevard.

Jealous? You should be :P



  1. Hi. I live in Cleveland. It is snowing here. I'm now mad at you.

  2. WHO KNEW HIMBO? Who knew? Never once when I am there is the sky blue, it's always that beautiful poluted-blue-greyish color - OH what the Santa Ana do for you people! Yes, they may cause sinus flair up but I hope you all appreciate how they help your sky look blue once in a while! I know, I know, I'm a total HATE'A

  3. The thing I dont get is you say you live 15 mins away from work and yet you still cant get there on time? HUMMMMM???? ITS GOT TO BE THE HAIR...... Simple Minded bitches.....

  4. Yes BDC is correct...NEVER on time! LOL!!

    Desert Rat ALWAYS hates on our fabulous-ness, So Cal is awesome!

    Poor Narm, for the record we have to travel about an hour to even be in the snow!

  5. Narm: Lol! "Don't hate... don't hate on me... don't hate on me" [from Reno 911]

    Desert Rat: Personally, i think the Santa Ana winds are cool and mysterious, I love the folklore that surrounds them.

    BDC: LOL!!! "I dare you to sit back there and say my hair aint luxurious when you know it is, betch!"

    Bon Don: I got in at 10:15am this morning... progress.