Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 Queens and a... errr... make that 4

I watched YouTube Live all the way through, yesterday. I liked it. Here are my 3 favorite moments, provided in the video playlist at the bottom. Just push play.

1. (The little queen) Fred sings at YouTube: Fred is the 6 y/o ADHD-suffering alter ego of 15 y/o Lucas Cruikshank. Fred's channel is the most subscribed channel on youtube! He gets more hits than your crackwhore mother. Play the video and prepare for luxurious awesomeness! You can find more Fredisodes (fred episodes) @ HimboTube, as well as his channel.

2. (The real queen) Queen Rania of Jordan: She's so l.u.x.u.r.i.o.u.s.! This queen is so smart. She was presented with the YouTube Visionary Award for her channel which is dedicated to breaking down stereotypes of the Arab and Muslim world and to bridging the East/West divide. I think I love her. Btw, isn't she such a hottie?! The video is her acceptance speech, in which she spoof David Letterman's Top 10 lists. Hilarious!

3. (The pop queen) Katy Perry opens the show: She rocked out with her cock rooster out! Such a diva... in the prelude she envokes another queen, RuPaul, in the Supermodel video [Chantay. Chantay. Sashay!]

4. (The drag queen) RuPaul, Supermodel (You Better Work): Although RuPaul didn't grace the YTLive with her luxuriosity, I thought it'd be fun to show the video right after Katy Perry's performance. You know... for good measure.

-Prince Himbo of The OC

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