Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sleepless in Anaheim

I came across this really cool article. All of the answers I’ve been looking for… laid out. Don’t trip, I’m not gonna try to convert you to Scientology or The Plan. It is an article that touches on the differences between night people and morning people (or rather, cool people and evil people).

I am a night person. The rest of America… morning people.

Getting to work on time everyday has been a little bit of a challenge lately. I’m on a modified schedule until the end of the year, so I start an hour later, which is at 9:30am. Let’s just say I don’t get to work right at 9:30am every morning, and leave it that. No need to get specific.

The article talks about some things you can do to change your natural circadian rhythm, which I have attempted, but its no work for Himbo, okay.

It’s okay, I have a solution. If you cant beat'em… move to Spain.

You see, the Spanish know wassup.

9:00am-ish: Wakeup and head to work, but not before stopping for breakfast, which is really just an espresso and maybe a pastry.

3:00pm-ish: SIESTA TIME! Take at least 3 hours for a looong lunch and A NAP.

…Dude!! That’s brilliant!

5:00pm-ish: (And not a minute sooner): Mosey on back to work and eventually close shop.

9:00pm rolls around: Eh… we should start thinking about dinner.

11:00pm-ish: Dinner time, which really means: go to a bunch of different bars and restaurants for tapas y vino!

1:00am-ish (optional): Party like a rockstar til 6 in the mornin!

Notice how Spanish time ends with “ish”. Nothing’s “sharp”. That’s how I roll.

I’m part Spanish; so I inherited my circadian rhythm. T'was passed down to me, t'sin in me genes. I need to remember that so I can tell my boss the next time I’m reminded of my official start time.

…or just move to Spain before I get fired.

-Don Himbo


  1. I have to admit, the schedule in Spain sounds really nice and relaxed. However, I know you and I know what would happen if you moved...you would still be late! LOL! Like I said, it's in the time you were born. If you were born in the evening, then you are destined to be a 'night person'. Good luck with trying to get into work on time. I know it's tough. =)

  2. Oh Don Himbo - it's pretty much every country but ours that has this work habit...I had a friend from Columbia same thing they close from 12-2. In Swiss they have these three week vacations all at once...it's wonderful madness! We must move at once...I could be your housekeeper! ;-)

  3. Esther: True story, I will still be late. I believe what you said about being born late at night, I wonder if that excuse will work? Lol!

    Desert Rat: Let's do it! Colombia is too scary, there in the middle of a civil war I think. Swizzerland, too cold. Spain: Sangria, Flamenco, Paella... Himbo's there.

  4. 1. (9:30)...you already do it

    2. (3:00pm)... you already do that too, only yours starts at 11:00am

    3. (5:00pm)... yes sounds about right...you do it.

    4. (9:00pm)... I know you do this already cause I do it with you!

    5. (11:00pm)Umm humm... yup tweeker eating

    6. (1:00am) Friday night ring a bell? tweekers

    See Don Himbo...no need to move all the way to Spain, you already do everything here!

  5. Bon Don: LOL! True story, but the difference is, it's socially acceptable in Spain. I would be in sync with the whole country, Whereas here, I am a freak and I'll probably get fired for being late.


  6. Mmm, siesta sounds awesome. It's the same throughout Latin America. I wish this country would get with the program already.

  7. Dorkys Ramos: Seriously, I know! I blame the economic recession on the fact that we don't practice "la siesta" in America.


  8. Himbo...you're my little Uber Goober! I have something for you over on my blog :)

  9. I couldn't agree w/ you more. What I would give to be able to live that lifestyle. We American's work way damn too much.

  10. Kellie: OMG! I know, right?! We work way too hard. I think I'm gonna find a union job, maybe work for GM or something... they don't do anything, right?




  11. I am so not a morning person. Every morning when my alarm goes off my body tells me "this is bullshit"

    Oh and also I am having a givaway on my blog. I should be doing the post tonight or no later than tomorrow.