Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update: Yes I did!

In a recent post, I mentioned I broke out the champagne when President-elect Obama was announced.

Um, yeah, well, Himbo got fu**ed up! I ended up getting all pedo.

[pedo: Espanol for shitfaced]

The sad part is, I was hungover the next day at work, but I didn't realize it. I just couldn't figure out why I was in such an eff'd up mood.

That's all. Thought you should know. Cheers!



  1. No wonder why you were dismissing people from your presence by throwing your stapler at their head whenever they would walk into your office!

  2. Such a FAB photo Himbo! You look great as King!

  3. I can't drink champagne without adult supervision.

  4. that is the cutest pic... are those dimples i see?? aww

  5. Bon Don: why you gotta be shoutin me out like that? besides, the stapler has not staples in it, therefore it was lighter and less damaging when it hit her head.

    Desert rat: I know, thanks!

    Lblucca77: ...So I've come to find out. Next time, adult supervision is a must.

    Far: I know. Yeah... them be dimples [wink wink]. It's all part of being luxurious.

  6. You're IT!!

    Just letting you know you've been tagged by me!! go see my blog!