Monday, November 10, 2008

My hair is luxurious

Suddenly, I'm inspired to change the name of my blog.

Blog's new nombre: My Hair is Luxurious

Inspiration: The fact that, well, my hair is luxurious.

...Katt Williams might have contributed a little.

Btw, my blog address is the same [].

Use my comments section to let me know what you think of the new name.
Do you like it?
Not so much [honey... why you don like? It make look pretdee like model o chea lida!]?
Make a different suggestion, altogether.



  1. I like the new name and your hair is luxurious.

  2. Anjelah Johnson rocks my little world.

    I like your blog and your new name!

  3. Every bit of you is Luxurious! Why not name it that! HELLO?

  4. lol loves it himbo you do have nice hair.... we should start a nice hair club you me, bonD and Mich!

  5. well and whoever else wants in lol

  6. you have fantabulous hair!~ and im so in for starting a fabluous hair club!