Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Autumn Skies in The OC

Above: view of The Arena @ the Anaheim Convention Center

I couldn't resist! Had to post this shot. I hitched a ride home from work with Bon Don yesterday. We had a date, Bon Don was bringing din-din and I was hosting. The plan was to watch Six Feet Under but we were having so much fun, we never got around to it.

As we headed out of the parking structure...

P.S. our parking structure is sorta awesome, it has views of Disneyland on one side, the Anaheim Convention Center on another side, and a city view on the third. Only half of the top floor (P5) is covered.

...we noticed yet another amazing sunset.

Bon Don: Himbo, you wanna drive up to P5 and take pictures of the sky for our blogs?


Bon Don's car:

Ouch, betch! My head hit the window!

Bon Don:
Hee hee hee. Wait! Is my window okay?

We got up there just in time to catch a few shots, me on my cell phone camera and Bon Don on her xxx nudy pix taker [mhmm... the girl is freaky deaky, lemme tell you. But you didn't hear that from 'cause I aint one to gossip.]

Btw, everyone who works at The Hotel, all 1,000 employees, know what Bon Don's car looks like. If they see her coming, they run for safety. During lunch, I always hear people talking about how fast she drives through the parking structure. Haters. They just mad 'cause they aint got her mad drivin' skillz.

Here are a few more pix, if you're interested:


A: view of Disney's California Adventure from The Hotel's P5.
B: view of The Hotel from P5. Bon Don's car wanted to be in the shot, he wants to be a blogebrity, too.
C: That turtle lookin, dome shaped building is called The Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center.



  1. pwetty! its so cold and gloomy here im jealous!

    btw my sis in law has that HP laptop u want and she said it sucks.. she said after a while the touch screen stops workin or messes up.. booo

  2. Its called "Mexican Breakfast" by Gwen Verdon. Back in the day this was SUPER pervacotive. Beyonce got her idea for her "single ladies" video from HER! The hip thrusting is AMAZING! LOL. I'll post a video my roommate and I made after the gym! Thanks for looking, I've never done this before......

  3. Far is so cute with her "Booo"

    Don't worry papa...we'll be gentle

    Himbo! You're just lucky that my window didn't crack...EVERYONE knows to sit down, buckle up and hang on!

    P.S. Don't judge BDC with his request for nudy pix of him!

  4. Last night when I was heading home to LB from the freeway I could see the sky. It was so beautiful. I wish I had my camera. The sky was red and pink.

  5. Far: You're just gonna have to come and visit then, won't you.

    Papafreels: I'm gonna look it up! Lookin forward to your version. And welcome to the blogosphere!

    Bon Don: Lol! You shouted BDC out. but that fool loves to show people his birf-day suit.

    Lblucca77: Take your camera to work tomorrow and take a picture. We want to see your pov! Dont you love living in SoCal?

  6. mmmkay I'm jealous that I don't leave work early enough to see that beautiful sky! So thanks for posting pictures, I can live vicariously through you and Bon Don!

  7. Gabby: Glad to be of service. I aim to please :) My other public service is to spread luxurious about the world, I've been told I'm quite good at it.

    Tee hee... kidding!

  8. Himbo: Yes...just like your legs...spreading all over the world. slut.

  9. Dont forget when you spread those cheeks of yours to show everyone that Chocolate starfish SNIFF SNIFF awwww I love that smell