Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My name is Himbo and I approve this message

I know it might be overkill so I think this will be my last post about the election:

As mentioned in my last post, I registered via, what I didn't mention is that I actually attempted to register via official government website but it didn't work!

P.S. government websites are archaic.

After a quick Google search, I came up on rockthevote and registered in like 5 minutes.

Today, I received this email message from "Heather":

Dear Himbo,

You did it.

Yesterday, more young people voted than have ever voted in American history. 24 million young voters.

You took our country into your own hands-- you got registered, you got your friends registered, and you turned out to the polls on November 4th.

You picked our next president.

I can’t tell you what last night meant to me, to all of us here at Rock the Vote. For 18 years we’ve been telling politicians that if they only took the time and energy to talk to us, to engage us, and to take us seriously, that young people would get involved and vote.

President-Elect Obama did precisely that. He responded to your concerns and questions. He found you on the Internet. He organized on your campuses and in your communities.

And he won because of you. I don’t say any of this because President-Elect Obama is a Democrat, but because he ran a campaign as a democrat, with a small “d.” He ran a campaign that reached out to the young and the traditionally disenfranchised, he organized one-on-one and across the nation, and he talked to and with us about the issues we care about. He ran a campaign based on the democratic premise that our country is run by the people and for the people.

Congratulations to each of you. You made history yesterday. Your hard work, your dedication, and your votes will go down in the books as a momentous event.

And this is just the beginning. Yesterday, we showed them our power. Today, we start work on using that strength to make real change for our country.

I can’t wait.

Heather and the Rock the Vote Team


  1. Did it really start off as "Dear Himbo"!?!? *wink wink* Kidding

  2. Lol! No, i just replaced my name with Himbo :P

  3. awe what a nice letter to all... he really was all over the place. I think he is a good man and we need that for a change, I don't give a F%&k what color his dad is. Yesterday two different people told me the world was ending...armageddon, I also read this on a blog! WTF are they talking about. All three are Christians - I often wonder do Christians not believe that GOD loves everyone? (Yes I know sister that we are Christians - but we ARE NOT BORN AGAIN) Himbo, Bush started a war on his own against the wishes of all others - is he not the dictator who, if anyone, started this Armageddon? Sorry Himbo long post but I have to ask someone!

  4. Desert Rat: I would deem Bush, Satan in the flesh, but that would be an insult to Satan.