Monday, January 5, 2009

4 Day Weekends Are Such a CT

Sup, party people? Ugh, sorry, that was so douchebaggy of me! We have lots of catching up to do. NYE was awesome, I spent it @ Bon Don & BDC's house, They live like a mile down the road from me and they're my favorite people in the world. Bon Don and I took it like champs and drank wine while everyone else drank beer [I know, ew!], after killing 2 bottles, we went after the champagne [I know, totally luxurious!]. We were all pretty shitfaced, and Blue [Bon Don's Cujo-esque Chihuahua] was attacking Bon Don's family who was visiting, but we were all so drunk we thought it was hilarious. I got molested multiple times while at The Don's*, but I'm used to it because I have that effect on people. I sorta fell asleep on the couch at some point after midnight, but I hadn't eaten anything and I drank a lot; I think I got all hypoglycemic or something. Someone has pictures that I need to get a hold of...

*The Don's: Bon Don and BDC, when being referred to as a single unit.

Friday night I had dinner with some friends and had a wonderful time, I felt *really* good afterwards; I slept really well that night.

Saturday, I went with Bon Don and BDC to a Mexican Market. You know, those grocery stores with a big cow on the roof. It was so fun! The last time I went to one of those was years ago with my grandparents. I was sorta tipsy because right before hooking up with
The Don's, I had gone bowling [translation: I had gone drinking and occasionally threw a heavy ball across the room; not really aiming at anyone, I mean "anything"]. In dire need of fluids, I went to the bakery area for some agua fresca. I straight chugged it! I came home with the following fun items that you can't find anywhere else but a Mexican market:
  • I big huge concha; mexican sweet bread in the shape of a huge seashell.
  • Salsa Fresca; fresh homemade salsa.
  • Queso Fresco; fresh [Mexican style] cheese.
  • Corn and flower tortillas. The good kind, not Mission brand tortillas [<--white folk tortillas].
  • Beans, with dirt and all.
Bon Don convinced me to get beans; she said she'd come over and supervise me while I make them, because you see, I've never made beans before. We sorted beans, picking out frijoles that are not luxurious enought for our pot, sifting for rocks and such. Then we rinsed the frijoles and finally cooked them. it took 3 hours but it was worth it! They came out so delicioso!

On NYE, Dar and Sra. Fernandez (Bon Don's momma) said that I looked like Freddy Rodriguez who played Rico on Six Feet Under. I don't exactly see it... your thoughts?

Himbo [on the left], Freddy [on the right]; cause I know you'd get confused by my beauty.

-Chef Himboyardi


  1. OMG, you do look like Freddy Rodriguez. He just did an amazing movie which is called "Nothing Like The Holidays!" I did a blog on it because the family in that movie is exactly like mine.

    Eewww... I hate concha's, did you like it? How did you make your beans? Did you put them in a crock pot with the ham bone?

  2. Love it!!!! You totally do look like you can be realated!!! What a hotie you are BC!

  3. AGREED!

    That's it I'm changing your name to Him-rico like in SFU!

    Oh man Himrico your beans were delicious and so were the ones we cooked too! HA! What a beaner!

    Wasn't NYE Fun!?? You took the boozin' and molestation like a champ!

  4. Him-rico....luv it!!

    told ya so!
    P.s... Im soo feening like a crack whore to watch the last season of Six Feet Under! lol

  5. Leon Basin: Thanks for feeding my ego.

    Peyton: Thanks. I'm gonna have have to Netflix it. I've already saved it to my queue. I love conchas, more for the nostalgia than anything, but how can you go wrong with sweet bread and sugar in the shape of a shell? As for the beans, no crock pot or ham bone, we did it ol' school, in a pot and threw in half an onion and some salt. Once we served ourselves we added salsa fresca, queso fresco and extra cilantro, warmed up some tortillas and there you go.

    Indy: Lol! Thanks. Let's hangout this week.

    Bon Don: (a) Lol I still don't see it. (b) it takes one to know one :) (c)NYE was way fun. I always do.

    Mz Tapz: You need rehab ;)

  6. Yeah, there is definitely a resemblance but he looks like a little boy and you look like a man. Whoo hoo! Hottie-boom-bottie!

  7. Kellie: Tanks*! LOL! I love it... hottie-boom-bottie!

    *Tanks: "Thanks" pronounced in a Hawaiian accent.



  8. Mira Mira... He's home, ditching work today playing on the computer all day!

  9. i must agree himrico you do look just like that boy.... you are no longer himbo. IT`s HIMRICO.....

  10. Bon Don: Why you gotta blow my covers like that? :P

    BDC: I have always been Rico... y suave... Rico means "good" or "rich" in Enspanol. Recognize foo!


  11. Awesome trip!!!! Bon Don and champagne sounds like a great and classy combination :D

  12. Your eyes, the dimples and the shape of your face is kinda like Freddy's but your nose upsets the balance.Btw, LOVE Freddy.

  13. Anonymous: I totally agree, his nose is very skinny and pointy, mine is rounder and bigger. Like my dack.



  14. CT?? Whats a CT?

    Don't ever say 'party people' again or I can't hang out with you. Okay? Okay. Glad we had that talk.

    Oh wait...I think I know what CT means!

    Also...John and I watched like 5 minutes of your telethon on Saturday! You sooo famous!

  15. Gabby: Just in case you're aren't 100% sure... CT: Cock Tease :)

    [With my head down, not making eye contact] Yes maaaam.

    Aw... you did?! Kewl! I know girl, I'ma need a publicist now more than ever.

  16. here is the link of you and crystal

  17. BDC: Lol! I remember it from the movie. That was funny as hell.

    AAAAAAAAaaaaaaa AAAAAAAaaaaaaa AAAAAaaaaaa!


  18. OH MY!? steen, G-momma & dar weren't lieing, you definitely look like F.R.

  19. Hahaha, Jojo! You think, really? Have you posted anything yet?

  20. You guys totally look alike! But you are obvi waaaaayyyyyy hotter!

  21. Alleged Ringleader: Totally. Kidding :P Thanks doll!