Monday, January 12, 2009

BBF's will hold your luxurious hair back while you barf

It's Sunday and I'm recovering from a gnarly hangover. Last night was Stripper_D's birthday bash, we kicked it old school at her house. There was a DJ in the backyard, red plastic cups and a beer bong, needless to say we had a great time :) Stripper_D is the youngest of cool kids, she turned 22 [Ugh...I know! Stupid betch!] Her friends made us feel old, although those crazy kids were fun to watch. It's been a while since I've kicked it old school and forgot just how much those red cups can hold, I had way too much vodka+fruit punch and tossed my cookies when I got home. It was pretty painful.

I was in bed when Bon Don and BDC called me @ noon today, they wanted to have brunch. I needed food, and hungover or not, Himbo is not in the business of turning down food or good company. A three and half hour brunch was just the remedy, I felt so much better afterwards, but I had to forgo the mimosas. Sad day.

I spent the rest of the day lounging around my apartment, watching tv and movies. I just got the new Linkin Park CD+DVD called Road to Revolution. It's a live performance of their Projekt Revolution tour, in it they take a song [Pushing Me Away] and rework it from the original hard hitting rock style to a slower arena-rock version. I watched it like 500 times, it's SOOOO good. Seriously. I also caught up on Bros & Sissies and the season premiere of Nip/Tuck, which btw looks very promising.

Unfortunately I haven't had the same amount of free time to keep up with the blogosphere, or even post during the week. I've noticed other blogger buddies are experiencing the same thing. And my workload is continuing to grow; tomorrow my department will take on 2 more hotels.

Oh btw, did anyone else feel the earthquake on Thursday? It's the first quake in my new apartment. The whole place shook like crazy, but I thought it was just my neighbors doing the dirty again.


  1. Ew. All day hangovers completely suck. I feel your pain. You'd think we'd learn but those young'uns keep us thinking we can handle it like we used to. Damn the young people! :)

  2. Those red cups are a staple for a good time =)

    Earthquakes? OMG THATS SO SCARY!

  3. aww man it was a blast! I can't wait to time warp again how fun yet awkward was that!??

    Brunch is always fabulous!

    I felt it, I ignored it though just hopin I was just feeling "Dizzy" hahaha we're so jaded!

    I have movies for us... another gay sequel! so let's do a cooking class/movie night. holla at ur bitch

    *Bon Don*

  4. Sad that I missed the Stripper D festivities but glad that I didn't have to suffer the Curse of the Red Cup!

  5. Glad to here your weekend was better than mine...well except for the VOMITING
    ps. You're FUCKING hilarious!