Monday, January 5, 2009

A Star is Born!

No no, not me. I was born 25... OMG almost 26!.. years ago [insert nervous laugh here], but I pursuaded my dear friend Brenda to start her very own blog [insert applaus here]! If you're a follower, you'll recall, prior to moving to The OC, I lived in a town I call The Tundra. That's where Bren lives, but the best part, she named her blog Musing from The Tundra. Dude, how cool is that?! It's like a spin-off! Not a failed s/o like Saved by the Bell: The College Years, but rather, a succesful s/o like Melrose Place.

Anyway, she's a doll, go check her out, I predict a bloggy award in her future.

Sidenote: My bloody neighbors [upsatirs] are so EFFING loud! Earlier they were doing the dirty, now they are just makin all kinds of unnecessary noise! Yes, neighbors I have a non-existent sexlife unlike you, thanks for rubbing it in. Bitches.

I stayed home stayed home today because I had a sore throat :( Instead fo going to work, I stayed in my PJ's all day and drank Throat Coat tea, watched Transformers, then Moulin Rouge like three times. Okay four. Okay five. Transformers is so funny, I catch new hidden jokes and double entendres everytime I watch it again. I always sing along to Linkin Park's "What I've Done" when it's playing in the movie. Moulin Rouge is just quite simply the best movie of all time. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but you get my drift. 

Alright well, I'm off to see the wizard, err... watch Bros & Sissies then hit the hay so I can go to work tomorrow. 

Oh shit! That reminds me; I'm carpooling with Bon Don tomorrow... accompanying her for moral support because she has to clock-in, in the ghetto, with the peasants now LOL LOL LOL! Let me clarify, us luxurious folk clock-in @ a convenient location on our way to our offices. The peasants [stuards, restaurant servers, housekeepers, etc.] all clock-in on the other side of the building, near the kitchen. Poor Bon Don has to temporarily clock-in @ the ghetto because her id isn't working on our side, so being the good friend that I am, I'm gonna hold her hand [while pointing and laughing at her] as we walk through the ghetto and try not to get our suits dirty, fending off the peasants. Alright I'm kidding with the peasant talk, some of my favorite people in the entire hotel are housekeepers, I just make fun because it makes Bon Don laugh. And for the record, I'm the most ghettofied person in the entire hotel. Don't hate.

One last thing! Tomorrow we will discuss my little friend [Bon Don's oldest daughter], Jo Schmo and her blog WhAt Is ThIs... ReAlLy??

Good night,
-Himbolicious out.


  1. OMG, I love the movie Moulin Rouge!!!! I can't get enough of it myself. Is that a gay thing??? LOL!

  2. LMAO!

    #1. Welcome Bren! I will go over and introduce myself shortly!

    #2. Eeww with the horny neighbors.
    And don't lie Sir, there has been many of nights were you have gone to town on yourself and your neighbors haven't complained!

    #3. Tell them why your throat was sore. cochino

    #4. PhD- Yes, Moulin Rouge is a gay thing! *wink* I should know, I am a gay man trapped in a woman's body!

    #5. The only reason you even bought Transformers is to hear Linkin Park...Groupie!

    #6. LOL...I hate you. You'll see I'll be back with the regular folk in no time! I hope.

  3. Peyton: It's a good taste thing... nay, it's a luxurious thing.

    Bon Don: LMAO! Ur funny, betch!
    #1. Aw...

    #2. Ew! Why you always gotta blow my covers?

    #3. Refer to #2

    #4. ...ever since the surgery.

    #5. True Story.

    #6. Until then, I will continue to point and laugh. I'm taking a picture of you clocking-in tomorrow and posting it on my blog. Muahahahahaha!

  4. Wow, more from the Tundra? Love it!

    Hope your throat feels better. A friend once told me that Valtrex worked like a dream. Oh wait. That friend was you. Mmmkay.

    The "liz" comment was me...on my sister's laptop. fyi.

  5. I will read both! I have to read my God- daughters first though :-).

    Himbo you are way to cute in your suits to be ghetto!

    OH MY GOSH did you see I posted on a comment how I was SOOO excited because before the big test I did a practice test and I remembered the whole 3.14 and I passed those questions and I was SOOOOO happy I tried to call you, I was going to mention it in my blog yesterday but I was interupted and then began rambeling.

    THANK YOU so much ;-)

  6. Gabby: Lol! It's true I did tell you that. Allegedly. Mmmkay. Lol! And, oh gotcha, hi Liz! Btw Gabs, WTH happened to John?

    Desert Storm: Don't let the suit fool ya. I do clean up nicely tho don't I? OMG KIDDING! Totally kidding. I'm not conceited... I'm convinced. I saw the comment, you're welcome :D


  7. Excessive watching of musicals in your pj's? I think we're on the same wave-length!

  8. Ambles: Totally! My life *is* like a musical, except I'm the only person who can hear the singing.

  9. don`t you mean your BJ'S and really himrico? Throat coat juice! I have some throat medicine for you..

  10. Pointing and laughing is what friendship is all about.

  11. HA! You got an award sucka... go get it and get busy!

    *Bon Don*

  12. I love that you got your friend to start a blog. Maybe one day I will tell my friends I have a blog and they will start one too.

    Feel better my friend.

  13. BDC: Ew...

    Narm: Exactly. And I stopped pretending like I didn't know her, after only 24 hours. Now that's true love.

    Bon Don: Is that my punishment for blowin your covers?

    Lblucca77: It's crazy to me that you're friends don't even realize they are friends with a blogebrity. The funniest blogebrity I know.

  14. You love me more than anyone else.

  15. k just saying hi and that i miss ya!