Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Busting a Dar

It's January and I have had my AC on for two days. What. is. the. deal? I guess it's better than being in the freezing cold, like a few of my Canadian friends whose blogs I've been reading. Does anyone know what a furnace is?

Well, nothing can really get me down right now, American Idol! is on. Except for this...

My sister called a few minutes ago and
busted a Dar on me.

What is "busting a Dar", you ask? A kill-joy, a buzz-kill, more specifically when a person brings the mood down, depressing an entire crowd. Much like Bon Don's cousin, Dar who is notorious for doing just that, like every five minutes.

For example:

Himbo: I am having such a luxurious hair day, I am so happy.

Dar: Did you hear that some mother in Kansas killed her 5 children, gave them bad haircuts and then jumped off a freeway overpass on uncoming traffic and a semi ran her over, resulting in her death?

Himbo: I'm going to sleep, wake me up when September ends.

And... scene.

My sis, we'll call her "The Rose", calls me a few minutes ago. The conversation went a little something like this:

The Rose: Hi Him!

Himbo: Hey sis!

The Rose: My friends and I are taking our kids to Disneyland next month, can you get me some rooms @ your hotel? And can you join us that day?

Himbo: Sure, email me the dates. And Yay! I'd love to join, I miss the kids.

The Rose: How's work?

Himbo: It's so crazy... [interrupted by The Rose].

The Rose: Hey did you read about the guy that got runover on the 10 freeway in Palm Springs this weekend?

Himbo: No. Why would [interrupted again, by The Rose]

The Rose: Well, I went to Palm Springs to celebrate my friends bday this weekend, with some friends and our cousins. We got a suite to crash after the club. Part of the group went out to eat. Then one of the girls got a call, it was her BF who was with the group who went out to eat. He decides to walk back to the hotel and gets hurt so he calls his GF all disoriented, asking for someone to pick him up. They coudn't find him and I decided to drive home because I couldn't sleep with all the drama in the suite. We were driving home and a bunch of cops blocked 4 lanes; there was a dead body on the freeway. Later my friend called me and told me the dead body was the lost guy, he wondered on to the freeway and got hit by 4 cars.

Himbo: OMG!

The Rose: I know! It was so weird, we were hanging out with him all night. He was really cool. I can't get that whole night outta my head.

Himbo: I'm going to sleep, wake me up when September ends.

The Rose: Okay but first make sure you get me the rooms for next month.

And... scene.

I just realized I busted a Dar on ya. My baaad.

The cool kids ditched me today. No one wants to watch AI! Rudes. Can someone explain why Ryan Seacrest tried to high five the blind guy? Srsly?! What a fucken stupid bitch.

OoWoah OoWoah!



  1. LOL. I love it.
    Did Seacrest really try to high five the blind dude? I tivo'd this shit...i'm gonna rewind and follow up.

  2. I told you Him....if your sis is
    "Busting a Dar", we must be related! lol BTW...I heard about her story too, but I guess she beat me to the punch..boo!

  3. Gotta love the sis... I have the same problem.. haha

  4. Aw, sad! That is the kind of stuff you just can't get out of your head either!

    Ryan Seacrest is a tool. (IMHO) :)

  5. Wow you're turning into a "Darla Downer"!! LOL!! ... HAHA..haha..ha..a

    No? Not that funny?

    I hate you for telling me that story last night. I was sad for the rest of the night by the way. Boo.

  6. OMG that is the most UNluxurious story I've heard all day. I'm gonna go cry now.

  7. They remind me of my grandma :P somehow, she always manages to have something depressing or disturbing to tell :P
    Ah, Ryan Seacrest! My dear Muse (blogger) even posted the video! Jaja, poor Ryan..I guess he's not bright..but we already knew that..

  8. Im sorry Im cracking up!!

    Wake me up in Sept!

  9. Kinda like Debbie Downer on SNL... they all go out to dinner, and everytime someone changes the subjest, she makes it horribly depressing. Not fun.

    I tagged you in a meme on my blog, so go check it out!

  10. Well, those stories are not very luxurious! Thank goodness your hair is or I would be OUT OF HERE.


  11. I tried to google the info but came up with a guy who was ran over on the 10 but in AZ. 2 is way to many people walking on the freeway. I'm so curious - it is WAY sad! ;-(

    Thanks for hanging out the other night...I just got a text which pretty much said my compa starved that night...why did we not go to Koji's HELLO!

  12. Their probably born again christians that have just lost there way again....

  13. Plus i guess i`m alittle like ryan...when a blind man or woman boards my bus i sometimes forget to be specific...and i`ll say there's an availible seat on the right or left..REALLY "DITO" WHAT ROLE ASSHOLE?!!!!!! When i should say theres a seat in the first role or second etc.etc. Boooooo!!!!!!

  14. Baxter: Wow you're alive, good to hear :) he did but you sound surprised? Por qua?

    Ms Tapz: Girl you slippin! So have you set up your blog yet? Bustin' a Dar needs to make it's debut already!

    C. Bowie Photography: I do, I really lover, she's the funniest bimbo I have ever encountered. I think we all have a "Dar" in our lives :)

    Kellie: Total tool! He's like the dull screwdriver that's way too small to screw anything well. Ew... what the!

    Bon Don: No, not that funny.

    Andy: On your way to "go cry", can you pick me up a diet coke? Thanks, your a pal!

    Thrice: Lol [about Ryan], I guess we can't all have great looks AND brains... like me... And you... And a dog named Boo.

    Bow Chica Wah Wah: Tee hee. I stole it from Green Day :D

    Ambles: Oh cool, I;m gonna go check it out right now!!

    Gabby: True story... about my hair.

    Desert Rat: hanging out was fun, you need to do that more often. We should definitely do Koji's next time!

    DBC: Lol! You do it on purpose... don't act!