Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Himbolicious Quote #9

I'm not conceited, I'm convinced.
-Himbo's Mama

Oh lord Jesus! Don't you know, this is who I get it from. My mother, ladies and gentlemen. So during my trip to The Tundra last week, my mom must have said something that prompted someone else in the house to tell her she was conceited, and that himbolicious quote was her rebuttal. But she's been using it for years... since I was a weeee Himbitito [Espanol for little Himbo].

Anyway, it's true. We're convinced is all.


  1. If I was your mom I would have told whoever told her that to mind their business and stay out of grown folks business. Hahahaha!


  2. I LOVE that quote. I'm going to use it every day now, in every way possible!

  3. totally convinced is all, for sure! You mom always sounds so cute Himbo.

  4. PhD Snowboarder: Lol! My mom refuses to accept the fact that she is grown folk. She's 44, sorta young, but in her "convinced" mind she's still 24.

    Gabby: We should get macthing tattoos!

    Desert Rat: Aw thanks! I'm sure she agreed with you.

  5. I heard conceited people like black men.....Is that true HIMBO?? You included

  6. DBC: I'm not black, I'm just a dark ass Mexican. It's okay, a lot of people mistake me for a brotha [especially if I'm not wearing pants]. It's flattering.


  7. Your Mom should start a T-shirt business with that quote! It's awesome!

  8. MILF--alicious: Ooh! Good idea. You just inspired my next design for Himboutique!

    Stay tunned...

    -Himbotella Versace

  9. Ha - it sounds like the lyrics to a Jay-Z song.

    Wait - HOVA kinda sounds like Himbo - maybe you are related.

  10. Narm: It's quite possible that I could be related to Jay-Z. Did you know, the bible says "Himbo can kick Hova's ass"? Yup, Matthew 4:17, King James Version. Look it up in my archives 11/02/08.

    Just sayin.


  11. haha! love it =)
    your mum sounds adorable!!!
    give her a hug from me =P


  12. Strawberry Fields: Will do! Thanks :)

  13. My hair is luxurious. Himbo loves me.