Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love in an Elevator

It's 5:13am and I just got home. Today is The Gules 26th birthday so we went to Huntington Beach, to a place called Black Bull, which turned out to be really fun! I'm still sick, but I mustered up the energy to get ready and go. I wasn't planning on drinking tonight because I drank to much @ Stripper_D's birthday recently, and being sick doesn't help. Mel lives in HB so we met up @ her house. She offered a me a shot of tequila but I was like "err... nah... I'm not drinking tonight, Mel". But before I could sit down she had poured me a huge glass of wine, while her and Indy took down the Jose Cuervo. I guess "I'm not drinking tonight", means "I'll pass on the tequila and have a wine instead" at casa de Mel. As Mel is handing me my drink, we realized we had to leave. Well... everyone knows, you can't let good wine go to waste, it's one of the ten commandments: Thow shall not waste the blood of christ aka wine, so I did what any decent person would do, and chugged it. I got a buzz real fast and it didn't go away all night.

Black Bull has a mechanical bull, I almost got on but my hair is way to luxurious to mess up.

Everyone was pretty shitfaced. A certain birthday girl started tossing her cookies. She ran to the men's restroom cause the chicks bathroom was way busy. She puked all over the place. Security came and escorted our entire group out. @ this point we call it a night and head for home.

Janda couldn't make it to the festivities tonight because she had to work, but she called as we are driving up to my gate and wants me and Indy to go meet her at
The Hotel because she's wrapping up The NAMM Show [one of the biggest conventions The OC will host this year], and she wants to have dinner. Indy and I are down for anything, so we meet up with Janda @ The Hotel. Himbo and Indy get to The Hotel; we're waiting for the elevator; the door opens and a girl is giving a guy a BJ! I laughed and got in the elevator, Indy walks in behind me and sees what's happening and nonchalantly says, "Oh no no children, we will be having none of that here. Not in the elevator, go to your room and do that". I couldn't stop laughing, it was the most awkward elevator ride I have ever taken.

I'll upload pix to my Flikr account, tomorrow. Right now I need to go to bed.

Good night... I mean, good morning!

P.S. I want to wish The Gules a Happy Birthday! Ewl Seck!

**Update: Below are a few pix from Saturday night**


  1. What a blowjob? Was the guy in the Elevator even cute? I would have paid money to see that!


  2. OMG! The fact that I witnessed all that was out of control...Got to love the whole "Oh! Is this the wrong elevator" bull they tried to give us!!! Peseants have no idea how to party like ROCK stars AKA Himbo and Indy status...No can keep up with us and I love it!!!

  3. OH my funny, I'm so glad it wasn't me! BTW Yes, Himbo please do post photos of a girl giving a guy a bj on the elevator would love to see it...oops maybe you meant of the outing! Hmmm?

  4. LOL, nice elevator moment... Hope the rest of your night was fun!

  5. Yay Happy B-Day Gules! Sounds like you have fun! When can we be expecting these BJ photos? It's been a minute since I've seen some good ol' fashion porn!

    and why are you faking AGAIN!??

  6. I tagged you in a little meme action.


  7. Tequila shots are the kiss of death for me. I can't show my face for like a week after I drink tequila because of the huge ass I make of myself. But, hey at least it is entertaining.