Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lawd Jay-zis... Hallelujah..! Amen!

First of all, praise the lord for I have made it back alive from The Tundra! Can I get an amen? But this post is inspired not by my trip home for the holidays, but for this scene which you are about to witness.

This clip is from Cadillac Records. Beyoncé plays Etta James, and I'll be honest, when I heard Beyoncé was going to play Etta, I was like "aou aou, NO she di-int!", but let me tell you boys and girls, and girly-boys and boyie-girls, she tore it up! She done ravaged that part real good.

If you're confused, what I am trying to say is, Beyoncé: [Etta James]Cadillac Records as
  • Diana Ross: [Billie Holiday]Lady Sings the Blues
  • Halle Berry: [Dorothy Dandridge]Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
  • Angela Bassett: [Tina Turner]What's Love Got to Do with It
  • Jennifer Lopez: [Selena]Selena
In other words, great. She was great! 'twas the role of her lifetime.

I'll try not to spoil it if you haven't seen this yet, but let me set this clip up right quick:
Record Producer Guy discovers Etta, consequently saving her vida loca. Thus Etta hearts
Record Producer Guy and wants to make him her baby daddy. Record Producer Guy decides to go buh-bye and just be some dude. He tells Etta this as she is recording this amazing song. Realizing it will be the last time she will sing to him, Etta saaangs it to him like dis:


-The Reverend Himbo


  1. *sniff sniff* SEE!! Do you see why Etta James is my all time favorite sing EVER! that bitch is bad!

    I was worried that Beyonce wasn't going to do her justice but she did pretty good!

    This part in the movie is Hubby's favorite, because as he says "Now that song make more sense and it's deeper than he thought" awww

    I've watched it 5 times already :) and you now I will watch it again today! hahahaha

  2. Wait! was ^ that ^ a spammer or is "Barb" real?

  3. I know I saw that but I sorta liked Barbs comment and I checked out the website and it seemed semi-interesting. It didn't look obviously shady, so I thought I'd let it be.

    I'm like whatevs about it.

    Your thoughts?


  4. Bon Don: I got rid of the spammer and her spammer buddies.