Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, its...

A homoerotic moment with Michael Bublé.

Let me preface a bit. I watched one of my favorite programs called Great Performances, on PBS. Today's episode highlighted The Hitman: David Foster & Friends. Michael is one of David's "friends", so he comes on stage and eventually duets with Blake Shelton on a song they both separately released. Play the clip below [courtesy of HimboTube] and you'll see what I'm talkin about.

Hint: No need to watch the entire video, unless you want to of course. The duet covers the first four minutes.

I thought they were gonna go at it right there on stage. They kept asking each other to go home with each other, and eye fu**ing. I hear Michael Bublé is preggers with Blake's baby. I also heard it's a boy. I also heard the baby boy is actually Josh Groban.

-Himborez Hilton


  1. Oooh it was such as good show! I wanted to call and pledge tons of cash...but I didn't because they don't take pesos!

    I missed my Michael's performance, "I was so mad" too bad cause you know I'm all about seeing the man on man action! :)

    and I think their baby Josh Gorban has a beautiful voice, he must take afters his fathers!

  2. I am almost afraid to admit how many times I have read that last paragraphy today. I even texted John and said "OMG read MHiL!". He'll be by later, I'm sure.

  3. Bon Don: Mijita, Mexico won't even take your pesos anymore. I hope you didn't try to offer any other types of "currency"... again.

    Gabby: Aw glad you liked-ed-it! So nice of you to call it paragraphy. Cool, I hope John comments. He never comments on me blog.


  4. I KNEW you were going to call me out for 'paragraphy'. I thought about deleting my comment and starting again, but I really couldn't be bothered. Plus I figured we were on even playing ground because you spelled 'plane' wrong. Or maybe you meant to. Huzzah!!

  5. OOOooooo BURN! Gabby is up on her game Himbo! she caught a typo!?? WOW!

    when I read your last line from your comment "he never comments on me blog" it make me want to "Grrr" like an angry pirate!

    (you know what that is, all to well!) *wink wink*

  6. Lol! Thanks for the heads up on plane! I hadn't even noticed!

    P.S. You didn't misspell paragraphy. I thought you intended to spell it that way... here's why:

  7. I know ha! Gabby totally burned me... burned so bad I need aloe.

    But me blog was intentional. You just wanted to say angry pirate!

  8. I kinda loved it. Everybody loves a good eye fugging..

    oh and U angry pirates crack me up :P So whens our christmas party bitches?!

  9. Baxter: I was just talkin to Bon Don about our xmas party! I'm excited... it should be fun. I think Bon Don said she wanted to do it after xmas but I don't remember.