Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Ready for My Closeup, Mr. DeMille

You know how I'm a blogebrity n stuff? Well, I'm not just a blogebrity anymore. In fact, I think Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition is adding me to the 2009 release... yes, I think that's what one of my assistants was telling me yesterday.

You see, the hotel sponsored a pledge drive on KOCE. It was to support public broadcasting. You know... so Big Bird can keep that six figure salary.

Anyway, you know those people on PBS during Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman concerts, who answer calls and take your "pledge", then send you a "gift" as a token of "our appreciation" [oh wait, that last one didn't need quotations, did it?]? Yup... that was Himbo along with the cool kids (sans Bon Don, she didn't wanna go). The whole thing was really fun. I TiVo'd it and got some pix on my cell phone camera [guerrilla style, 'cause I'm avant-garde like that] just so I can show you! Err... I mean, I had one of my assistants TiVo the show and upload the pix, just so I can show you guys.

I'm gonna have to call Britney and see if I can borrow a couple of her bodyguards for a while. Maybe Kevin Costner will want to be my bodyguard, then Whitney Houston will come and sing "I Will Always Love You" to me.


That reminds me... kids, crack is whack! Don't touch that stuff... unless you have receipts.

Alright already, without further adieu:



  1. Aww everybody looks so great!

    Dula Dip & Reina Bee look so serious in some pics, and And-Dee look so pretty as usual...

    I tired to go over to your house last night to tell you how fabulous you looked on TV but your new body gaurds wouldn't let me through! Something about you were luxurifying yourself (is that what you're calling it these days cochino?)

  2. Lol!

    I'll have to let them know you have full access to Chateau Himbo.

    And... ew!

  3. Ahahaa!! I love the crack is whack. I remember that interview she did. She said "I don't do crack, crack is cheap". (I actually have that written on my myspace page as my "about you" info.)But seriously WTF? She's a nut job.

  4. well, i do like these pictures but i have to say i am not in NEARLY enough of them! but other than that, it's cool :)

  5. Omg, conceited, you're in the first 4!

    ...Such a primadonna, I swear!

  6. How fun! I have always wondered if those people are actually talking to callers.

    You're so famous/luxurious it's bordering on disgusting!

  7. Kellie: Right? The woman is absolutely insane. Train wreck!

  8. Gabby: I know, I even have the whole "no last name" thing going for me, like Madonna, Shakira and Cher. It's so hard being this famous... ugh!