Sunday, December 28, 2008

What the...

Friday was our company holiday party, so I was busy getting shit faced.
Saturday I went to another holiday party with a friend, so I was very busy getting shit faced.
Sunday I packed for a trip I didn't end up taking, so I was busy getting shit faced.
Monday I worked and had to handle some last minute holiday ish... ugh!
Tuesday I worked and packed for my trip to The Tundra.
Wednesday - Friday I spent in The Tundra.
Saturday I recovered from my trip to The Tundra.

Long story short, my place was messy! No time to clean and plenty of reasons to tear it upside down.

Sunday, I finally decided to tidy up. It took all day (and I'm still not done) and I forgot to eat. Bon Don will attest to this, I get all hypoglycemic when I don't eat. So I ordered pizza because I was not feeling okay enough to make something. + I had enough points for a free pizza.

The pizza guy gets here and by this time I am trying not to pass out, he gives me the credit card slip to sign and I added a tip since he made the effort to come to my door rather than calling me to come outside to the gate. This is over and above the $2 they already impose upon me without asking. I didn't know what the hellz I was doing, I was all dizzy and stuff. I ended up tipping the guy $6! My order came to $3 with my free pizza!

To add salt to the wound, I think the guy was insulting me when I was writing in his 200% tip, I can't be certain because he was vietnamese and I didn't really understand what he said - but I'm pretty sure he was insulting the instructions I gave for him to find my place.

Oh well. I'm gonna watch "Under the Same Moon" and finish eating my pizza.



  1. awe I love under the same moon! If he was really Vitnamese, I'm sorry but you and I both know you are lucky he even got there alive...I know I am horrible I am going to hell for sterotyping but at least I will see you and bondon there!

  2. That's true Desert Rat, have some ice water ready for me & Himbo!

    I got home around 9ish BOOO! Oh well at least I can sleep without feeling like I'm missing something. BDC was drunk when I got home, he's too funny.

    I can't believe you tipped him "sic-ey da-was"

  3. I want free pizza RIGHT NOW.

    Also, you really sounded delirious! How fun! Yay!

    Also also, what is your GREAT plan for xxxmas xtravaganza? I'm excited/scared/intrigued. How do I 'get at you'? I don't understand your lingos! You have so many me:

  4. My place is an absolute wreck right now. We finally got back home last night, hauled in our bags and presents and can't see the floor. Guess I know what I'm doing tonight!

  5. well,you have a rather wild life! that guy must have been pretty stoned.

  6. Desert rat: Word. And make sure my water is sparkling.

    Bon Don: I hate sparkling water, but I love ordering people to make sure my water is sparkling. I sho did tip him sik-da-wa.

    Gabby: Omg, I think I know your screen name (brneyedgurl) from somewhere? Did we ever sex each other? lol kidding. Sorta. [que my nervous laugh]

    Kellie: [in response to your rhetorical question] Yup, ordering pizza and spending QT with a boy.

    Strawberry Fields: I'm a wild n crazy kid. I love your name.

  7. that is one of the nicest comments i have ever ben given, really. =) i am so flattered now. i am sure you are a billion times more artistic than me but i have done better pictures.

    are your camera whore friend guys? i really do hope so... =)

    thanks for the other compliment on my name! i got it from the new james bond film which is crap but gemma arterton rocks =D

  8. After New Years Day No More Pizza or Junk Food For Me. Time To Train For the Marathon!!!

  9. Strawberry Fields: My camera-whore friends are both boys and girls. They are sooo Hollywood.

    PhD Snowboarder: Right... that's what I keep telling myself too. All kidding aside, which marathon are you doin? ...And, will there be food?


  10. I hate hate hate tidying! My room is a mess :( Bermudas' triangle, although I do find things in my chaos...

  11. My house needs to get cleaned up a bit before the New Year's.

    Pizza sounds nice especially when you're tired and not in the mood to cook:)

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  12. Thrice: Creative people usually do. I used to hate it when I had roommates but now that I live aloner I find it sorta therapeutic. Usually.

    Maki: I want to try to clean every inch of my place today so I can start off the new year with a clean slate and a fresh start... we'll see. And, thanks! Happy new year to you too!

  13. ha, getting busy by getting shit faced is a fabo idea to me.

    happy new year!

  14. Brookem: Fantabulous! Happy new year to you too. I predict 2009 will bring you some very luxurious HOH.