Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am so wired!

Omw! I drank an entire pot of coffee (not exaggerating one bit, although I wish I was) earlier today because I couldn’t snap out of the lazy mood from watching Six feet Under all day, but instead of giving me a jolt, it fu*ken made me fall asleep again. Until I woke up an hour (or two) later, at which time I decided to re-read My Everyday Soap (Opera!) and Who is Mich ?, cut to me hours later and wired off my arse! Now I can’t sleep, and I have to get up early tomorrow morning to walk 10K (AIDS Walk LA). How the heck am I supposed to look all luxurious when I meet my fellow celebrities, with huge bags under my eyes? Como? Dime? No es posiblĂ©? I guess I’ll have to be fantabulous in my big sunglasses.

All of this made me realize something about myself today, boys and girls: I am an addict.

1. Coffee, obviously. But it’s good for you and all of the cool kids do it, so... whatever.
2. Six Feet Under. Thanks Andy, it’s your fault, I’m sending you the bill from rehab.
3. Far’s blog, My Everyday Soap (Opera!)
4. Mich’s blog, Who is Mich?

I might have a slew of new addictions to post about tomorrow. I better ring the Betty Ford now, and have them keep a room open for me. Promises is so yesterday and... you know, The Betty is like the Chanel #5 of rehabs.

I need to get my hands on some tranquilizers.



  1. Aw i feel so honored that I was mentioned in your blog and they you enjoy mine :) teehee thanks for makin my day ;)

  2. awww thanks! im totally going to sound like im copying Far's comment but i really do feel honoured that you are reading and loving my blog!

    and yes please get a friend for Ivan! we can send updated picutres to see how the progress is going!

    the movie is actually not a chick flick. its 28 days with Sandra Bullock. watch it!! you will definitly like it. and the last few scenes are pretty funny when it comes to this "theory"... LOL

    thanks again!

  3. I don't understand why you bother drinking all that coffee you know it only puts you to sleep!

    See I told you these girls were fabulous! ... puntabulous is so last year! LOL!

  4. Jeez Louise...
    You write some truly funny stuff. You got me rolling out here in the Tundra.

  5. Far: You're welcome!

    Mich: You're welcome! As soon as I pick one out, I'll forward pix. I might name her Anastasia Beaverhausen. Oh! I've seen 28 Days! I forgot about that. Sandra Bullock lives here in The OC, very close to where I live. I'll have to go to the Starbucks she visits every morning and tell her about Ivan and Anastasia.

    Bon Don: Yeah, thanks for turning me on to Far and Mich, they're awesome! Puntabu who? Oh and btw, I am attempting to quit coffee, I tried to quit cold turkey today but I started getting all malias at 9:51am, I got to work at 9:50am.

    Susi_cu: I am to please. How was the Race for the Cure? I didn't realize it was the same day as AIDS Walk LA! Next year, lets team up and do AIDS Walk LA with Beverly Hills folks.