Friday, October 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Bon Don.

Here are the Rules:

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Six random things about me:

1. I have this very bad habit of correcting people, especially when it comes to mispronouncing words. It’s not intentional; it’s just too late by the time I realize that I have done it again. I would never be my own friend.

2. I need to know everything; I am like a sponge and retain lots of useless information. I watch the discovery channel and learn all about the animals, I look shit up on Wikipedia all day long. I listen to smart people… let them do all the talking, its like recon, I won’t speak until I am fully armed with plenty of information. Consequently, I like to know everything about my friends, if I feel like a friend is holding back, it bugs me and I lose sleep over it.

3. I do not pee in urinals. I’m a short guy, but as a young boy I was very short and couldn’t always reach the urinals, not to mention, at home we all use the toilette and I’m a creature of habit. I also remember my parent telling me not to use the urinals, when I was younger. It’s a habit I never lost, and now I can’t find a reason to want my own urine to splash back at me.

4. I can not stand it when people eat like pigs, I will get sick to my stomach and lose my appetite, and become extremely irate by that whole situation. You know those people who were raised on the farm and can’t eat without smacking their lips, the exhibitionists who want everyone to see every piece of food in their mouth, the people who get their dick beaters all over other people’s plates or food.

5. I can not see/watch, hear, or know that someone else is vomiting because it completely grosses me out. I will puke if I see someone else puke.

6. You know those florescent lights; usually found in everyone’s kitchen and most certainly in every office building in the world? Well, I hate ‘em! If there is a non-florescent (warm) lamp or light, use that. Florescent lights are so harsh, they make everyone look ugly, and they make everything look ugly. I will make it my personal mission in life to break every florescent light bulb in existence.

And for good measure, I’m gonna give you a bonus 7th quirk:
7. People who read out loud are idiots, in my book. If you read out loud, you should click here.

I Tag: JennyMack, [Andy], Stripper_D, Narm, Craig, Chris


  1. LOL!! OMGosh Himbo that was fricken great! I laugh out laugh at my desk...hehehe

  2. I love looking stuff up on wikipedia. I have learned more there than I did in college.

  3. ewwwwww i totally agree on the puking thing. if i hear or see anyone (including pets) puke i cant help it. i have to leave the room or i will puke too. its so gross.

    i dont know how i will ever handle being a mom one day....

  4. Bon Don: Thanks, Betch!

    Lbluca77: Isn't it awesome! Education on demand is what I call it.

    Mich: It's a good thing I will never be a mom! If that would ever happen, my kids would be so messed up, there wouldn't be enough therapy in the world...

  5. Thanks for the laugh Himbo! You big fan who was begging you to blog has not been on the computer for a few days. I will be now though because I sprained my ankle hiking!

  6. No on the urinals eh? I have to say I am a huge fan. It takes all that pesky aiming out of it. What is your stance on troughs?

  7. Desert Rat: Hiking... WTF?

    Narm: I have impeccable aim and I like the challenge. As for troughs, I hatem. They still splash back and worst, pee from the guy next to you can splash on you. I've only ever seen them at seedy biker bars or at ghetto beaches, twice I tried using them (because the stalls were busy) and both times, the guy next to me checked out my junk. I was pissed, literally. Pun intended lol!