Monday, October 20, 2008

We Ho-in' in WeHo with Holly[wood] Madison

I had so much fun at AIDS Walk LA! At the opening ceremony, I got to see the three celebs I was hoping for: Rachel Griffiths, Holly Madison and Alan Cumming. After the race, we ran into Holly again, she was standing right outside The Abbey waiting for her limo, which by the way was Hef’s limo. I only point that out because Holly and Hef recently broke up. Holly was really nice and allowed us to take a picture with her. We had lunch across the street at Bossa Nova where we spotted Jackie from Work Out.

I was sorta tired the whole time because I only slept for an hour and half. You see, I took down a pot of coffee all by my lonesome, that’s why they call me Himbo. T’was horrible, my heart was beating so fast I thought I was gonna die. I wore my sunglasses all day to conceal my tired eyes but I ended up with a raccoon tan. Lol!

My employer (a hotel company) sponsored the event, world headquarters is in Beverly Hills which is where our corporate team is based. My office (Anaheim) joined forces with the corporate team and some other local hotels, to make a team for the walk. Anaheim totally represented, we had the biggest turnout, so the executive who spoke at the opening ceremony gave us a shout out and mentioned us specifically. I strongly believe that it was my celebrity status that made the executive single out Anaheim. You’re welcome.

I had planned to close my door and write and post a compelling blog about Sundays event . I arrived at work at 9:50am, and at by 9:51am I was tapping my inner arm asking people for a hit. It ended up being a busy day so I didn't have time to catch up on my blogs or write a Nobel Prize worthy posting.


  1. Dude if ur glasses look like Holly`s then there`s a problem here....Either she`s wearing dude locs or ur wearing chic locs....Figure it out!!!!!!!!

  2. It looks like you all had a lot of fun! I think Holly is adorable.

    I saw the certification of completion...but how far did you guys actually walk? It looks like you were having to much fun rubbing elbows with celebs to have walked much! hmmm

  3. I love Jackie from Work Out. But if I ever saw her I think I would be scared. She looks like she can kick some ass.