Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Bon Don!

To my most luxurious betch, I fare you a gay birthversary :P ...Take that, Shakespeare!

We got an early start for Bon Don's birthversary, last night a bunch of folks from the hotel went bowling, the food and drinks were hosted by a company that we partner with on groups/conventions. The cool kids stayed behind, after the event was over and took the after party to a club in the same complex as the bowling alley. Everyone was dancing, sept for me, I was busy looking luxurious all night... someone had to. At midnight we took a lemon drop shot to officially ring in Bon Don's birthversary.

Drinks were a'flowin all evening so I don't remember everything, but one thing I do recall was a girl with a cocktail that looked like milk walking through our area, then she tripped on something, it was like
timber... the heifer went DOWN! Her cocktail broke all over the black marble floor, she landed spread eagle, lookin' all disoriented. It seemed as if it took her brain a minute to realize that she ate it because she sat there on the floor (spread eagle) until finally some dude helped her up, I acted like I didn't see it because I wouldn't have been able to stop laughing at her. I waited til she left, then all it took was one look from Bon Don and we were rolling! Dude, I'm still laughing, everyone in the club saw her fall. I'll post pix of from last night as soon as I get them from the people who brought cameras.

The celebration continues today (part deux), we decorated her desk at work, it's all bling'd out luxurious style. We attempted to come in early but she showed up in the middle of our decorating. It's all good, we needed her help anyway. We brought in goodies and had breakfast together and we presented her with her birthversary gift. This crazy braud tries to act like she's all hard and stuff, but she cried, what paninni! We got her the Ed Hardy boots she wanted. We're gonna take her out to lunch in a few minutes, to Corner Bakery for some Shantiful Paninni. After work, tonight, we're gonna meet up for drinks. It's like a worldwide event, it's bigger and longer than Mardi Gras, Hannukah and Lent, combined. That's how we roll... don't hate! Stay tuned for pix...



  1. man you guys are good friends... ps- my bday is in Jan wanna come to Toronto to celebrate?? :P

  2. AWE How FUN! I'm positive she cried you guys got her exactly what she wanted! Your post is TOOOO Funny Himbo, I can't wait to see the photos so don't take fo'eva! Love you all, you fabulous people, I miss you guys! You guys should come to Vegas RIGHT NOW!

  3. what a great friend you are!!!!

    my b-day is coming up in Dec...... LOL