Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get email updates of my blog postings!

Hey, kids!

Great news, I am excited to report that I've just added a widget over to the right --> that allows y'all to subscribe via email, which just means you will receive an email every time I post a blog, with the contents of my post. This doesn't mean you can go and get lazy on me now, you still need to click on the link in the email that brings you over to my blog, and you better still post comments. If I start to see a decrease in hits and comments, I'll 86 the email feature... hee hee heeeeeee!

Additionally, I've played around a bit with the layout so check it out! Some things I've added are:

  1. My avatar
  2. My Facebook profile widget and Facebook blog network
  3. Tags
  4. I've added some new friends to the Himbo's Homies section. I'm especially excited to share my most recent homy, Today @ Hilton Anaheim.
  5. I've added a couple of fun new links to the Himbo-licious Links section.
I'm always open to suggestion so let me know if there's anything you'd like to see come up (or come off).


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