Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Himbolicious Quote #10

Am I the only one completely over the rain? And the freezing cold weather? ...So unneccesary. As Cher Horowitz ever so eloquently put it, "AS IF! [...] this is California, not Kentucky". This crazy weather has got me a little moody, I find myself getting worked up over small stuff. Anyway, I haven't been posting very frequently lately, mostly because I have been staying over at Bon Don and BDC's house, I end up having way too much fun with them and never get around to blogging. I have to go home pretty soon because I plan on getting a new bed tomorrow, and maybe a chaise for my apartment, so I'll need to go rearrange my place, and all that jazz. I've also been spending time at the gym, going to a kewl new class called Rowbics. Everything hurts right now, I'm all sore.

So, we'll have lots to catch up on, Gabby's birthday extravaganza, SheBloggs' visit, pix of my newly redecorated apartment... I promise I'll be back with a vengeance, soon and will come over to the blogs I follow, to leave comments, hopefully by next week.

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  1. I wanna see pics of the APT! Soo jealous of you all I wish I could be in CA to meet all the cool bloggers

  2. This is kinda unrelated...but...I was talking to my grandpa tonight, who lives in the Tundra (maybe you know him? yeah?) and I asked him how the Tundra was. And he goes "Oh, it's so beautiful. We got a style of our own out here!" It really cracked me up. But now that I'm writing it out, it's not as funny. Hmm.


  3. Himbs! I left a comment here yesterday.. where'd it go?.. anyway I facebooked ya!

    You guys are great as always.. <3

    And good look on decorating the new pad.. hope you found that bed! <3

  4. Let's get this blog back to moving. Cause I love it and all that jazz. It's not raining right now. Kthxbai.