Friday, February 27, 2009

Sneak Peek

I finally got my bed and my chaise, here's a sneak peek. When I'm done, I'll post pix of Chateau Himbo.

The bed in this shot, is the one I bought. Isn't it luxurious?!

And this is my chaise:

That's all for now... gotta go home :P


  1. HIMBO! what a tease! that's like doing what BDC does! (just putting the head in) HAHA

    Put up a picture ya bastad'!

  2. Himbs! This looks lovley.. So sophisticated! I'm guessing you didn't get the black n white printed flower head board. lol

    Can't wait for what's next!?

  3. Love love love the bed! Where did you get it? Ikea?

  4. SO comfy and kind of tres chic. Shabby chic. I want to go home too!

    Come on by and enter the Under the Sheets what makes you smile contest.

  5. Oh is it from Ikea? My couch matches the chaise. I love it, even though it is white it does not get dirty that easy and it is so easy to wash. Your room looks so good I bet. I love it, post pics.

  6. Bon Don: Okay fine!

    SheBloggs: Ohhhhh but I did... lol. I'll show you pix really soon, i;m waiting on bedding and my new mattress to arrive. I can make it work :P

    Kellie: Yup! Ikea is the bestest.

    Katie: Thanks, the chaise loves you too.

    Laura: I think so too :) Tres chic. Chabby chic... magnifique.

    Lbulcca77: Totally Ikea, don't you just love ikea. I wonder what life was like before ikea ruled the world? I'll post pix soon :)