Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Project Luxurious

Duuuuude! I know... the frequency of my blog posts have dwindled down to a pathetic rate. I am neck deep... nay!  I am up to my eye brows, immersed in Project Luxurious.

What is Project Luxurious, you say?

PL is the pop-culture reference to the rebeautifcation process of my apartment.

Let me back track a little... when I got back from Himbolicious Birthversary Spectacular! I came home to a gazillion ants. Immediately, I had my staff (lol... my staff. Who am I kidding?) address the catastrophe at hand. Btw, "immediately" is a himboism for "like 2 weeks, or so".  Anyways, I stayed at Bon Don's for like a month cause Himbolicious was not about to get his hair undid by a bunch of bugs... mmkay! Turns out the ants thing was a way bigger thing than I imagined and I had to basically move my entire apartment into the middle of the livingroom, so that the exterminator could come and spray the shit out of Chateu Himbo. Bon Don helped me do all this nonsense. HOWEVER... when you get Bon Don and Himbo in a room together, bad shit's bound to happen. Well, Bon Don convinced me to chuck my bed and couch, so I could get new ones. In the trash went the bed and couch and Himbo had to live with Bon Don and BDC until he wasn't afraid to go home anymore. It ended up being a much bigger project than I had ever envisioned but i"m nearly done and I can't wait. 

So you see kids, I haven't been ignoring you. I've just been preoccupied... consumed with PL.

P.S. I may or may not be drunk as a skunk right now... but that's beside the point. However, any gramatical errors are to be blamed on the alcohol consumption. 

I'm off like a prom dress...



  1. My prom dress was a total bitch to get off. Now I know why my mom said to buy that one. :) Good luck w/ PL! We miss you in blogland!

  2. "dwindled down"
    "neck deep"
    "consumed with PL"
    (PL): Project Luxurious?...Punani Lover?...Pu$$y Licking?

    Man Himbo what kind of post is this!?

  3. Oh and I think I lost a follower today because BDC is a dirty birdy!

  4. I so want to be drunk as a skunk right now. Good luck with PL and return to us soon.

  5. Mmmkay I understand everything now! I hate ants almost as much as I hate Aaron Carter. (btw I may have had some wine.)

    I feel a Project Luxurious housewarming coming up! Or I am just inviting myself over.

    I gots to go. The internets is not my friend right now.

  6. Kellie: Oh yeah... momma knows... momma knows .)

    Bon Don: you are so dirrrty... that's why we're BFF's. Who did BDC show his dirty birdy to?

    Lbucca77: Thanks, girlie! We'll have to get shitfaced together some day.

    Gabby: That is a marvelous idea, a housewarming soiree. I shall work on that immediately. We need to have you over for wine at my house one night. I love this Spanish Red Wine galled "Tienen Duende - Garnacha", it's delish! But who am I kidding, I like any wine. Let's do sometime.