Saturday, March 8, 2008

Linkin Park done took Himbo to church today

My brain is drowning in a sea of endorphins; I've sank to a deep euphoric state. Having said that, the following may not make very much sense: I’m not speaking in efforts to recover my voice by tomorrow, for work, yet all I want to do is regurgitate what I just experienced: a delicious symphony consisting of thousands of devout disciples, screaming along with one terrifically-thunderous leader, Chester Bennington, backed by his councilmen, Mike Shinoda, Mr. Hahn, Mark Bourdon, Brad Delson and Phoenix, collectively known to the masses as Linkin Park.

Today's service was held at a cathedral called The Staples Center, fittingly, in none other than The City of Angels. In support of Linkin Park's newest album, Minutes to Midnight, “Padre Bennington” exquisitely bellowed the good word; the entire congregation mirrored each and every lyric, to each and every song, as loud as humanly possible from beginning to end, demanding and victoriously resulting in a double encore. I'm grateful for the 2 hour holiday, which is likely to carry through tomorrow afternoon, easing my mind of the situation life plopped in front of me recently.

...Now, I'm off to watch American Idol!


  1. This is by far my favorite piece from you. Love it, love LP 2!


  2. Hallelujah sista!

    [I'm doin' the dance but you can't see me.]