Monday, March 3, 2008

Le Début

Bonjour, reader. Let me start with informing you, I am not french. Mexican[-American] in fact. I just like to use random french words for no reason. I know, weird.

Well, anyway... I never made that critical first post in which I explain the purpose and direction [or misdirection, in my case] of my blow-g {southern for blog]. Partly because there is no direction or purpose, kinda like my life [not really], but mostly because I began this blog on myspace and later migrated here. My BFF and colleague, Bon Don wanted to read my blog but she couldn't do it at work because our lovely employer, which we will refer to as The Hotel, blocks myspace, so she suggested I go public by moving it to blogger. And by suggested I mean, she held me in a chokehold and kicked my stomach until I did it. I know... I love her too.

I owe Bon Don so much, she not only introduced me to the blogosphere, but she also gave me my name, Himbo, which means Male Bimbo. I'm not really sure why she calls me that but it stuck and it's a lot easier to pronounce than my "good name".

She was integral in naming me blow-g My Hair is Luxurious! I now what you're thinking: Duh! but aside from the fact that my hair is obviously luxurious, she introduced me to Katt Williams, which uses that very phrase as one of his signature taglines/punchlines.

I blog about things I find luxurious, and things which are not luxurious. I blog about my life in general. Here are some things you might see me blog about:
  • The OC because I live here.
  • Hollywood and Industry related stuff (i.e. movies, tv shows, celebs) because it's so close to where I live, it's part of our culture.
  • Music because it's my life. I heart music. Can't live without it.
  • Hotels because I work in one.
  • Himbolicious Quotes which are quotes I really like, whether they are compelling or just funny.
  • Family because I have a crazy one. Seriously. Insane. No joke.
  • Traveling because I love to do it. I used to travel a lot more but now I have financial responsiblities so I don't so it as much.
  • Random stuff I find on the interwebs.
  • Friends because I have the most amazing ones.
I hope you enjoy me blow-g. Please comment. I'd love to hear from you.

**Oh, btw, I backdated this post in order to become the very first one in the archives. MHiL! was really born in July of 2008 and I posted this on 12-27-08.**

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