Monday, September 5, 2011

New Season, New Look

It's the last day of summer, the start of a new season. Taking a page from Cher's book, the time has come to reinvent this blog. My Hair is Luxurious dons a new look and streamlined content, it's a lifestyle blog serving as your guide to pop-culture. More specifically, an Angeleno's perspective on Music, Film, TV, Food, Fashion, Nightlife, and a healthy dose of LGBT-ness.

At it's core, MHiL has always been a lifestyle blog about pop-culture. When I started writing it 3 years ago, I called it a "personal blog", but the reality is I wasn't sure what I'd be writing about. Over time I found myself writing about the things that piqued my interested. But that hasn't changed, I've found my voice, I think that's the big difference. I took a hiatus from posting on MHiL when Facebook and Twitter morphed into what they are today, but sometimes more than 140 characters is necessary to articulate a thought, or the flexibility of using more than one image or one link. So there you have it. Look for me as you peruse through your reader.

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