Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Three months ago, I helped my friend, Chandler move into his new place, and to show his appreciation he took me to get a psychic reading. This was no ordinary storefront palm reader, he goes to a bookshop in the valley where in the same trip you can replace your deck of Tarot cards, stock up on Devil's Shoestring and Dragon's Blood, take a meditation course, and get a reading from one of 40 psychics. From a catalog of videos on the bookshop's website, I chose Forest (a pychic) to read my cards. In the days leading up to this point, I had undergone some big changes. I was faced with the realization that I needed to end some realtionships, and work was among them. When Forest asked if I had any questions, I asked if I should take this opportunity to move to New York or Madrid, or maybe Paris (all on my bucket list). Forest predicted that I would find the right job in LA at the end of the summer (among other predictions), warning me that I would have some "oh shit!" moments along the way, but she advised me to stay calm and enjoy the whole summer off. She also said something about my moon in the house of some... thing?

So here we are, a few "oh shit!" moments later, the end of summer approaching, and a few days ago I received a phone call with a job offer that is all too perfect. I'll be working at the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. A three month hiatus was SO, so nice and much needed but I am stoked to be working at the SLS, especially because I get paid to be on Facebook and Twitter.