Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sex On Fire

"Sex On Fire" by
Kings of Leon

I've really been diggin this song lately. I think it's another one I stole from Bon Don. She's always on the inside track. Anyways, don't fall in ♥ with me! Okay... you can fall in ♥ with me.

P.S. Sorry for being so elusive lately but I felt like you and I were losing that loving feeling and I needed you to miss being with me. I needed you to be excited every time you saw me; every time you smelled my hair; every time you heard my voice... err... read my blog.

P.S.S. I officially hate American Idol! Stupid show. Allison was the best thing that ever happened to that show. Patuee!

-Himbo of Leon


  1. HIMBO!!!!! where have you been?? this song came out back in like October/November last year! geez!! LOL

    look up "Use Somebody" by them too.... its even better!!!!

  2. Myyyy sex is on fire-ah!! ..... wooo

    Yay my Himbo of Leon has come back!! you know what, I think you're on to something maybe I should take a few weeks off too! hummm

    Oh and I told you AI was patuee from the start!

  3. YES Michy is right!! Use Somebody is wayyy bettah!

  4. I am a HUGE Kings of Leon fan!

    I tagged you on my

  5. WELL WELL WELL looky here! I love Kings of Leon, they're so sezzzy!!! AY papis!

  6. Dude- I finally saw the fast & furious last night. You were right.

    it was awesome.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I like to listen to it in my car with all of the windows rolled down as what is left of my hair blows carelessly in the wind and oh shit, was that one of the kids? Turn the car around, Jess. HAHA

  8. Love them. And i so need new music right now for my ipod.

  9. Alison was pretty bomb but what about adam??!! Theres still hope no??

  10. Here is my comment:


  11. Oooo, I love this song! Apparently I'm in the minority who hasn't heard it yet... so thanks! ;-)