Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Do You Sleep?

I've been having a little trouble sleeping lately, I get like that sometimes. I decided to get a few things today, to help me sleep but I didn't realize it was gonna cost me $60!

Taking a hot shower right before bed helps me sleep, and there's this amazing cream I use that makes my skin feel so soft whch adds to my ability to fall asleep quicker. So, super, amazing, luxurious, makes-my-skin-silky-smooth-and-delicious cream... check.

The scent of lavender helps me sleep, and I LOVE the smell of lavender, so I got some lavender electric plugins to place near my bed, and a lavender scented spray for my sheets and pillows. Luxurious Lavender smelly stuff... check.

Chamomile tea... check

Mint tea... check

Lifescapes "Sleep" CD... check.

How does that add up to $60?? I should just start drinking red wine right before bed, red wine always makes me super sleepy! Whatevs, I'm gonna go shower, lather up, drink tea, smell the flowers and listen to soothing sounds now. G-night.


  1. Aw I rememebr those days... I used to be able to do the same thing, not now (not nevah) because everything bothers BDC's allergys. Boo

    Now it's all about washing the box, changing into my oh so sexy ripped pants and tank top for bed!

  2. Bon Don: I'm glad you wash your box. Those are some sexyluxurious PJ's! I think you need to post a picture on WTaC?H!

  3. I have trouble sleeping too sometimes. This is usually countered by my moving to the couch... for some reason the tightness of the space makes me calm (Ew, please no womb references!)

  4. I vote for the glass of wine. It definitely puts me out for the count. Sleeping like a baby!

  5. I've not been sleeping either! I think it's because it's getting warm here and I can't turn the air on, I can not sleep HOT.

    Those sleepy time techniqs sound awesome though. Shower n all!

  6. Ambles: That's a good point, i threw away my couch but I might pickup a couple of body pillows and surround myself in them

    Kellie: I took your advise and gurl... I slept!

    SheBloggs: I can't sleep in hot either, I will die. I've hd my AC on every night this week, my electric bill is gonna be high : /

  7. I don't have trouble falling asleep, but STAYING asleep is an issue. I wake up like 5-6 times every night. Really pisses me off....not sure why it happens. I usually just try to relax and eventually I drift back off.

    Btw..I LOVE that owl pic. Very luxurious.