Monday, March 9, 2009

By Your Side... I Get No Sleep!

I'm having a hard time falling asleep. My creative juices were a flowin and I haven't been able to turn it off. It started this afternoon when I went to Target to pickup some tools I needed in order to continue on with Project Luxurious. I really only intended to get olive oil and a staple gun but I ended up spending over $100. I got a level which turned out to be quite handy... I have vertigo therefore not the best at eyeballing stuff for accuracy. I stumbled on a few t-shirts and the movie Australia, cause I needed something to watch while I decorated. AND... I really love that movie. So I was in bed trying to sleep but I couldn't get Sade's By Your Side out of my head. I just discovered Sade, apparently I have been hiding under a rock. Bon Don played it for me a couple of weeks ago and I have been meaning to add it to my playlist, but hadn't gotten around to it. I won't be able to sleep all night if I didn't get up immediately and find the song. Now I'm just sitting here listening to it.

Btw, did anyone catch
Bros & Sissies Tonight? T'was pretty good! So much drama, it reminds me of my family.

Well, I'm gonna try to go to sleep. Wish me luck!

...I'm gonna be a mess tomorrow!

Here's the song:


  1. Damn Target. It's a miracle if I can get out of that store spending less than $100.

    And Bros and Sis = spectacular. I love that show. It may be my favorite show that is on right now. :)

  2. I did watch Brothers & Sisters! If you ask me, that Ryan person is both perve and suicide risk. Watch out Amy, I mean um, Rebecca!

  3. Kellie: Target is like crack to me. As for Bro's & Sissies, I am most like Kitty Walker in real life... which Walker are you?

    Ambles: I TOTALLY agree with you on Ryan. And lol I guess I know which Walker (or one time supposed Walker) you are... kidding... but which Walker are you (see my comment to Kellie if you wanna know which Walker I am)?

  4. Here's a little snippet I got from the Brothers & Sisters website:

    [Kitty, 39 in September 2007, is the second eldest Walker sibling. She returned a year ago from a lengthy, self-imposed exile in New York. Genial, stubborn, and reverential toward her larger-than-life father, Kitty led a childhood marked by phases - the girl scout, the surfer, the rebel - before finally settling on a cause during college: the Campus Republican.]

    Here's the link to find a bio on each sibling: