Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Alone" on the American Idol! Stage

My life is starting to seem to piece back together :D I'm living in my apartment again, I finally have my new furniture, my new mattress is on the way, AND... I'm catching up on American Idol! as well as the rest of my DVR lineup. As I caught up on AI! I thought to myself, "Man, Himbo... the contestants suck this year!", then I thought, maybe AI! producers are trying a new sound system and it's making everyone sound horrendous. But then I remembered Allison Iraheta's performance of Heart's "Alone" last week and I'm sorry but she ROCKED IT so the others have no excuse. Allison's performance was so good that I downloaded it on itunes, which I've never done before. As far as I'm concerned, Allison's in a league of her own... the rest are just around until she wins.

So this week was good in terms of discovering good new music. Here's the short list:
  1. Alone (by Heart) covered by Allison Iraheta
  2. Untouched by The Veronicas
  3. Unbelievable (i am jen remix) by Sleepy Rebels
Playlist provided below:

Oh and btw... Allison's hair is luxurious!


  1. You're speaking another langauge to me with this jibberish about AI!

    I say prove it!! and post pictures of said new furniture!!!

  2. Ok, so I watched AI for the first time this season this week....uh....they suck, Himbo! They really do! BUT I will vote for your girl - someone's gotta win, right? I vote for luxurious hair!

    I loooove Untouched! Fun song.