Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lord help me

Lord help me... so over it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am so bored!

I am so bloody bored! I don't know what to do with myself. Luckily my work day ends in 2 minutes!

Blind, Deaf-mute

I listened to the radio last night while I was in bed, and this song, Ciega Sordomuda, came on. It's been a while since I've heard it, but it reminded of me of how infatuated I was at one time, with Shakira and her album called "Donde Estan los Ladrones?", translated it means 'Where are the Thieves?". In part of the song, she blames her bf for everything, it's my favorite part.

Ciega Sordomuda (Blind, Deaf-mute) by Shakira
(translation by Himbo)

I’m exhausted of the ability of argument
And methodology
Every time your anatomy appears in front of me

Because our love doesn't comprehend
Advise nor reason
It feeds of pretexts
And it lacks pants

This love doesn't allow me to stand
Because it’s broken my heels
It doesn’t matter if I get up, because I will fall again
When you’re near, nothing works, of the useless girl

Gross, blind, deaf-mute
Clumsy, fret and stubborn
It's all I've ever been
For you, I have converted
Into a thing that doesn’t do anything
Other than love you
I think of you day and night
And I don't know how to forget you

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay

How many times I’ve attempted,
Burying you in my memory
And although I say, no more
The same story replays again
Because this love always knows how to
Make me breath profusely
It picks me up and carries me on it’s left
And has me at odds with the world

If I could exorcise myself from your voice
If I could escape your name
If I could tear out my heart
And hide so I couldn’t ever feel again

Repeat Chorus

Rings under my eyes, skinny, ugly, tousled
Clumsy, foolish, slow, disgusting
Completely out of control

You know all of this, yet you tell me nothing
You see my mind has become a tangled nest
Where only you can inhabit and take shelter
And you don’t listen to anything I have to say
Really figure out what you are going to do with me

Repeat Chorus


SPANISH (Original Lyric):

Se me acaba el argumento
y la metodología
cada vez que se aparece frente a mi
tu anatomía

Por que este amor ya no entiende
de consejos ni razones
se alimenta de pretextos
y le faltan pantalones

Este amor no me permite estar en pie
porque ya hasta me ha quebrado los talones
aunque me levante, volveré a caer
si te acercas nada es util para esta inutil

Bruta, ciega, sordomuda
torpe, traste, testaruda
es todo lo que he sido
por ti me he convertido
en una cosa que no hace
otra cosa más que amarte
pienso en ti día y noche
y no se como olvidarte

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay

Cuantas veces he intentado
enterrarte en mi memoria
y aunque diga ya no más
es otra vez la misma historia
porque este amor siempre sabe
hacerme respirar profundo
ya me trae por la izquierda
y de pelea con el mundo

Si pudiera exorcizarme de tu voz
si pudiera escaparme de tu nombre
si pudiera arrancarme el corazón
y esconderme para no sentirme nuevamente

Bruta, ciega, sordomuda
torpe, traste, testaruda
es todo lo que he sido
por ti me he convertido
en una cosa que no hace
otra cosa mas que amarte
pienso en ti día y noche
y no se como olvidarte

Ojerosa, flaca, fea, desgreñada
torpe, tonta, lenta, necia, desquiciada
completamente descontrolada
tu te das cuenta y no me dices nada
ves que se me ha vuelto la cabeza un nido
donde solamente tu tienes asilo
y no me escuchas lo que te digo
mira bien lo que vas a hacer conmigo

Bruta, ciega, sordomuda
torpe, traste, testaruda
es todo lo que he sido
popr ti me he convertido
en una cosa que no hace
otra cosa más que amarte
pienso en ti día y noche
y no se como olvidarte

Here's the video:

Himbolicious Quote #2

Sort of a weird quote, I know. It might seem like I took the middle of a longer conversation, and chopped it down, which is exactly what I did. Here’s the story: Sunday night, ReinaB, Talom and Sarafina stumbled over to my apartment from a full day of binge drinking (I might be exaggerating a tad). ReinaB has a habit of losing everything when she’s tipsy and the next day she realized she left her keys, phone and Talom’s sunglasses, at my place. Right after work, ReinaB and I came back to my place to look for their things. We made a night out of the whole thing, we brought back some Chinese food and watched Point Break, which btw, is an awesome movie. In the beginning of the movie, Angelo Pappas (Gary Busey’s character) is trying to tell Johnny Utah (Keanu’s character) that the bank robbers switch cars after robbing a bank and immediately disappear, Pappas explains to Utah, “They vanish… like virgins on prom night. They vanish”. It made me laugh so here we are... para tu placer.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The House Bunny

Okay, kids! Seriously the funniest movie I’ve watched in a long time. cAndy, LeMeaz and I decided to see The House Bunny, today. Actually, ‘twas cAndy’s idea… good choice cAndy!

We.were.rolling! But not to worry, we maintained our usual level of luxuriosity. The movie is packed, from start to finish, with awesome quotes. It’s of the same caliber as Clueless and Mean Girls. I’m new to Anna Faris, I think I’ve seen her in small parts and always thought she was funny but she never quite stayed in my memory, maybe I should give up the drugs, which might help, but this movie solidifies my appreciation for Anna Faris. I want more AF work, please.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return"

Himbolicious Quote #1

You know how Myspace provides an area on your profile where you can enter a quote and it displays next to your profile picture. Since I’m not clever enough to come up with my own quotes, I like to show quotes that I appreciate, but other people came up with. I take a liking to some random quotes, but for whatever reason, one might speak to me and I’ll latch on to it. All this gave me a cool idea, I thought, why not periodically post my favorite quotes on my blog. You can tell me what you think about each one, whether you like it or not, maybe post a comment with a quote you like… whatevers clever… Just say something about it. I'd love it if you commented about, how you interpret each quote.

For the first one, I chose a sort of morbid quote by Frida Kahlo: "I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return". I first heard it while watching Frida, one of the best movies of all time, no joke. It was at the end of the movie, the movie ended with Frida on her death bed with her husband, Diego Rivera, celebrating their anniversary early – immediately cutting to a Frida painting of her bed, on fire (she wanted to be cremated, atypical of Mexicans, mostly because Mexico is a Catholic country), and the quote painted over the bed. In reality, Frida wrote that very sentence in her diary a few days before passing.

I don't exactly understand why I like this quote so much. While I would hope my exit from this life to be joyful, I’d actually fancy returning. I like the rebellious nature of the latter part of the quote. In my mind, assumably, most people would want to return, but being the rebel she was, she wouldn’t dare follow suit. She lived life to the fullest, did everything she wanted to, so coming back would be pointless. I guess she was in a lot of pain for most of her life (back problems caused by a bus accident). A life laden with that amount of pain would make you want nothing else but to rest, to rid of the pain for good, not to come back and deal with it again. I’m rambling again and I’m hungry – I worked out way too hard last night – I’m gonna stop typing now… is this really happening or am I dreaming?

[Static] Breaker, breaker [static] Luxurious out [static]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday BDC!

Today was BDC's birthday! Bon Don, Vegas Strip-er and I, took him to Koji's for some shabu-shabu. We followed it with dessert and an encore performance of I Am David, at CineHimbo 1. Bon Don and I, as usual, had way too much garlic. I’m certain I'll wake up tomorrow, to a pillow perfumed of a stinking rose. Bon Don chose I Am David, I hadn’t heard of it until today, but ‘tis a great movie. I highly recommend it. I’m not a crier but this film came close to bringing me to tears, allegedly! Luckily, Vegas Strip-er cracked first, Bon Don and BDC immediately jumped on the opportunity to rag on her, giving me the distraction I needed to avoid my own water show. I think it was especially moving because (the last scene) was paired with the perfect song. The lyrics, music and images were so appropriately related, really putting you in the moment. The song was Cold Water by Damien Rice.

I’ve had a pretty exhausting weekend so I’m gonna hit the hay, but I’m glad I got hang with B.D.C. for his B.D.A.Y.

Happy birthday BDC!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Woodstock '69

When I moved to The OC at age 21, Susie-Q was my first roommate. We worked together at the Hotel, she in Reservations, and I in Convention Services. We shared the apartment, in which I still reside today. I first met Susie-Q at our previous jobs, working at the central reservations call center for the same hotel chain that employs us today. Both wanting to leave the small rural town which I like to refer to as, The Tundra, we secured jobs at a massive hotel (third largest on the west coast) in Anaheim, across the street from Disneyland. The Tundra is actually Hemet, California, and it’s probably not as bad as I make it out to be, however, I can’t help but immediately think of hillbillies and druggies the instant Hemet is mentioned.

I learned a lot by living with Susie-Q, the girl’s got stories to tell ya – she’s lived several life times, in her young life. We have a lot in common, there’s about a 10 year age gap but you would never know. Our tenure as roommates, for me was like going to college, if college was fantabulous and my major was all things cool. She taught me all about old Hollywood (from Charlie Chaplain and Mary Pickford to Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, and everything in between). We’ve been on many a grave tour at all of the famed cemeteries and visited all of the infamous murder sites you’ve heard about.

She also educated me about music, teaching me about artists like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. So needless to say, when she called a couple of weeks back to ask if I wanted to go with her to a tribute to Woodstock, I jumped at the opportunity.

The event is called Woodstock at Irvine Lake ’69, and it is the coolest thing ever! It is truly like Woodstock, only in Irvine and on a smaller scale. It’s an all day event; imagine a green field with bunch of modern day barefoot hippies on their blankets sporting bell bottoms, tie-dyes, peace signs, etc – or not wearing much at all, we saw a lot of skin. I might have been the only guy wearing a shirt. Tribute bands covering Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who take turns on one stage, while vendors all around the perimeter cater to the crowd. A vendor selling kaleidoscopes made sure she mentioned her products were “friends of acid”. The psychic caught my eye but I was bummed that I didn’t get a chance to sit with her. Mama Pearl, the Janis Joplin tribute band, was my favorite, I think everyone else in attendance agreed. They rocked! The lead singer Christina Vierra sounds and performs just like Janis. It was so much fun and it was a total trip, it felt like for that day, I went back in time to that very moment in history. It’s an annual event so Susie-Q and I plan on going back next summer.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Himbo is okay now

I am doing mo beta! Yay! I am at one with my buddha right now and we are ready to party like rock*stars this weekend. Ready to blow this joint. I think buddha is hungry though. We need to eat! Oh crap... mabe that's why I... I mean buddha, was so testy all morning. Oopsy doopsy! Anyway, just wanted to share that buddha and I are smelling the flowers again. Weee!

I'm off like a prom dress! Going to the tundra (Hemet) today for a banquet honoring SusieQ for being so luxurious. Staying the night at my sissy's house and spending some time with the kids :P soo exciteeed... then we're heading back to the OC afterwards for a concert at Irvine Lake, we're reliving (or, living for the first time in my case) Woodstock '69 betches! Don't hate. And then I get to be home chilaxin all day Sunday. I might do some laundry, but we'll see.

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I am finding my happy place

I am finding my happy place...
inhale... exhale... mhhh... hooo...

I am at one with myself...
The music sourrounds me...
The air vails the skin of my face...

I am Luxurious...
I am Fantabulous...
I am Himbolicious...
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I was walking home the other day, and came across this sight. What's wrong with this picture?

...Really? If you're gonna spring for a limo, at least get a hotel that has valet or a porte-cochere. WTF? Who does this... honestly!? This is seriously the nastiest motel on that street

Simon Says...

Boo, you whore!
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I hate my job at this very moment!

I don't feel this way everyday, but right now I would rather be doing something else, or the same thing somewhere else, or here, but with different people... I dunno.

This goes without saying but Bon Don, Reina, Stripper-D, and cAndy are exempt from this statement. Duh!

I'm so glad it's Friday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Follow up to SYTYCD: 2 f Top 4 Hospitalized…

As promised in my previous post SYTYCD: 2 of the Top 4 Hospitalized After Collapsing, I am here to deliver the goods. T'was the boys, Joshua and Twitch who collapsed the week leading up to the season finale. I should have known because duh! Women are superior to men. I had guessed Joshua and Courtney.

I posted a poll, asking you to share who you suspected. This is how you voted:


7 (87%)


2 (25%)


5 (62%)


2 (25%)

It looks like we pretty much knew Joshua would have fainted (what a drama queen) but all of us thought Courtney also kissed the floor. Only 2 people suspected Twitch, but I can safely assume that BDC had something to do with that. Maybe it was the MC Hammer pants that made them sweat too much.

Fess up, who did you vote for? Were you right?

Monday, August 4, 2008

SYTYCD 2 of the Top 4 are Hospitalized After Collapsing

I just read on that 2 of the top 4 dancers collapsed on Saturday, and were rushed to the Hospital. They were treated for dehydration. No word on whether the show will go on as planned.

Thanks for giving me a heads up on this Dar!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aloha, a hui hou, Mark and Chelsie

I’m still recovering from the trauma of the results last week on SYTYCD. The news shook me more than the earthquake earlier this week. My two favorite dancers, Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura, were eliminated. I am left feeling much like Chelsie in the Bleeding Love routine, after Mark picked up his suitcase and left despite Chelsie's efforts.

Bon Don and BDC have threatened to boycott the show. I’ll just have to look forward to seeing Chelsie and Mark again on the SYTYCD Tour in September, Can-dee and I got tix! Allegedly.

Mark, I'll miss your purple blouses. Chelsie, I'll miss watching you top Mark and your ridiculous legs.

I need to figure out what we will do in a couple short weeks, after SYTYCD is over. What will we do every Wednesday or Thursday?

Use the comments to give me some ideas.

Aloha (goodbye), a hui hou (until we meet again), Mark and Chelsie!