Monday, September 15, 2008

Ugh! So angry

The worst thing you could ever do to me is to turn off the air conditioner while I'm asleep, waking up at 5:30am in a pool of my own sweat is hardly luxurious, I will cut you. Oh... and here's another little tip, on the house: turning up the temperature to 92 degrees is the fucking same as turning off the ac.

It's nearly 6:00am and I'm awake, bitchy and awake, I don't work today hence I should be asleep [
yeah, hence!] but someone decided to turn off the ac while I was asleep and, well, here we are... Happy Monday friends.

I'm going back to bed, think of me while you're at work today.



  1. Ugh!! I'd be very angry too, just the fact of waking up NOT feeling luxurious is just plain horrible!

    Who turns off the air when it's still warm out? Honestly!

    *side note*: There was a time when me & Sista "E" said hence a lot, awww

    (you know she's gone now) boo. I think I already miss her annoying nagging!

  2. That would piss me off too, but hey at least you have A/C Some of us still have to make our own fans from paper in our three-rings binders.

  3. traveling sales woman w nothing to sellSeptember 15, 2008 at 6:01 PM

    Bon don you should really miss my annoying nagging...

    oh MY GOSH himbo you think you have problems...OK so you know how I now have my old fabulous life almost completely back yeaaa ok only problem is he leaves the ac on 85 all day. it's so unattractive to get dressed and immediatly start sweating! So right now I have a fan on me ALSO I did lower the air to 80 (didn't want to press the good luck I have been having) it's so HOT here. When we were kids is 80 not the degree which would send us to the pool because it was sooo hot!
    I'm no longer a southern belle, vegas strip-er, or OC keep it safe I am now....