Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I’ve returned from the tundra

Bonjour, kiddies! OMW… I have been off on an expedition to The Tundra, visiting the fam, since Sunday morning. I’m going to change the nickname to, The Sahara because it was so effing hot! Nah, not really, I like the The Tundra, it rolls off the tongue mo beta. I came back home this morning. I forgot how nasty the 91 is, where The OC and The IE meet… yuck! It sucked so bad I wanted to shoot my dick off, okay maybe not my dick.

I have to admit I had fun, as bad as I make that town out to be; I had a great time with my crazy family. They’re so crazy that if I had a homemade tattoo gun - you know, the ones made out of a bic pen, guitar string, tooth brush and a motor from a small fan (yeah, that’s how I roll, betches), I would tattoo the three little dots in the shape of a triangle next to my eyes… hee hee, just kidding - but I love’em in all of their craziness.

My sis is so cool, she is like totally my idol, that skinny betch eats like a cow but maintains a Mary Kate figure. Did I mention she has 3 kids? Three totally awesome kids, a little rowdy but totally awesome! Aly is 10, Joe is 7 and Sum Sum is 3. I missed Aly’s birthday party so I brought her a gift during my visit; betch got an iPod, okay! WTF, she has a cell phone and now an iPod, what next… um, her beamer is on back order so… but I sho did get her little ass an iPod because she deserved it, she’s really smart (like her favorite uncle, Himbo) and helps lasso Sum Sum’s little hyper, bad ass. Yes, Sum Sum is CRAZY! This little satan child (kidding, she’s way cute) was looking for her mom the other morning, yelling, “Mom, mom, where are you”, as soon as she found her, Sum Sum tells my sis, “There you are you sexy little shit!”, my sis asked her what she said and Sum Sum explains, “I told you that because I couldn’t find you”. Joe is a shy little guy but he is super affectionate and followed me around the whole time. My mom was so nice, since I stayed with my sis, moms came over every morning and made breakfast, lunch and dinner, and hung out with me all day, then she’d go home at night. Her Hubby, Po-Po rented a bunch of movies for me so I can stay up like the insomniac that I am, and watch movies all night. My Tia Licha lives with my sis and takes care of the kiddies, she was loads of fun too, we talked shit on everyone all day, that’s my favorite family activity. My (not so) lil bro also came and hung out, he’s a funny guy. I saw a lot of more family members but I won’t bore you further, with the details.

Quickly, before I head out to watch “Burn After Reading” with my peeps, I watched an amazing movie and rather than doing a disservice to the film and giving you my review, just go out and rent or buy it, this is one for the collection. The film is called La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon). Everything about this movie was good, so if you trust my judgement, go get it immediately. BTW, I am so hairy right now, this beard is out of control so I think I’m gonna shave tonight, I’ll keep you posted.



  1. Welcome back Him ! Gosh I feel like I haven't seen you in fo-eva!
    I mean I seen you for a quick hot minute on Sunday, that didn't count cuz we couldnt get our chisme on. Boo!

    =D Hope to see ya soon

  2. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Don`t Shave, What U Thinkin? NIGGA! BOOOOOO. If U Shave, Then I Won`t Be Abel To Call U HIMLADEN N E More.....

  3. Really Himbo? Shoot ur dick off! Really!? That's a bit about just ripping your pubes from the root or something, yeah that's much better.

  4. nooooooooooooooooooooo Himbo don't shave it off yet! NOOOOOO ;-). Your family sounds like fun, glad to hear you got out on a little trip during your vaca! And yes that movie was great, watched it with my was a perfet make you smile tear jerker!