Friday, September 19, 2008

HimboTube - Broadcasting Fantabulous!: A Filipina, a Brit and a German

I began writing this entry on Charice Pempengco, a 16 year old girl from the Philippines who appeared on Oprah recently. While looking for a decent video from Youtube to include here, I ran across a couple of other, equally talented kids and had to share with you guys, thus, HimboTube, Broadcasting Fantabulous was born.

Charice is another byproduct of Youtube, a stranger posted a video of her singing on a talent show in the Philippines, David Foster saw the video and, later, with Oprah’s encouragement, asked her to perform at his tribute show. Since her Youtube debut, she’s performed duets with Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. She has some pretty powerful people behind her so I’m predicting this girl is going places. Lookout for her in the future and remember, I called it.

Here’s the only decent video I could find on Youtube, there are better performances but the quality of the videos is pretty gnarly.

Connie Talbot was 6 years old when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, last year. I couldn’t believe that voice was coming out of this tiny little kid. Here’s the video, there’s a short intro followed by her performance, prepare yourself for what you’re about to hear:

Robin Schlotz was 12 or 13 years old when this video was shot, there’s not much information on this kid, some websites reported that he has retired because his voice dropped. I’m guessing he’ll return, singing in a different range, after his voice has fully changed but that’s just my speculation. You may be compelled to laugh at first because it can be sorta funny to see a boy sing this high but he sings the hell out of this aria [don’t trip, I had to look up aria to know what it meant]. Hopefully he makes a comeback and we’ll see more.


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