Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Himbo's going on hiatus... sort of

Great news: I am going on hiatus; I’ll be off (of work), returning in 4 weeks. I’m on vacation as of tomorrow, and the plan is to return to work Monday, October 6th. Today, I’m just tying up loose ends. I’m taking a much needed staycation, no plans to go anywhere as of right now. That means I will have more time to post on my blog :D hopefully the quality of my postings improves. While speaking with Bon Don last night, I realized lately it has become an entertainment blog, I guess it’s a reflection of me, I post about the things in my life or significant to my life - I am intrigued by the entertainment industry and pop culture so that’s mostly what I write about. I’m going to try to broaden the scope a bit and see what comes of it.

I think I’ll take Reina-B’s advice and grow a mustache while I’m on holiday, and maybe change my name to Zorro… or Richard (you know… like Monica’s boyfriend on Friends), to go along with my new moo-stash bearing persona. Maybe I’ll sport a faux-hawk during my sabbatical.

Ahh… I can’t wait to relax for a change… I can feel my shoulders loosening up as we speak (or type… or blog… whatever… you know what I mean).


  1. I'm going to miss you :( but you are still going with tomorrow night .....RIGHT?!?!?!?

  2. Of course, I'm still coming tomorrow. I can't wait :D

    Btw I <3 Gwen too! Do you like my playlist skin?

  3. I'm excited for you and your much needed vacation!

    It's time to rejuvenate your mind & body… we are going to feng shui your house, try new vegetarian recipes, get you hook on Rock Band (since our lead singer is leaving) and cuddle!

    A faux hawk will be lovely, but the jury is still out with the whole mustache thing though…

    Oh and I think we were on to something last night with the Rosa Regale & Chocolate Cupcakes! That should be a new weekly staple in our diet!

  4. Omg, Bon Don! All that sounds fun. Let the Feng Shui-ing begin... I need all the good chi I can get.

    Definitely need some veg recipes.

    I'll totally be the singer in Rock Band, do you have any Linkin Park songs on RB? Lol! I'll need you to supply organic chamomile tea and organic honey and make sure the AC isn't on in the house... why don't I just forward you my rider.

    Bummer about our singer/stripper leaving... I was just starting to get to know her too. I think I scared her away.

    We'll try the mustache thing and see what happens, if Bon Don says "shave it", shave it I shall. I'm not so sure about the faux-hawk anymore, everyone and their mama has one.

    GREAT IDEA! Rosa Regale and chocolate-anything, sounds good. I wonder if I can have it delivered to my casa every week? I'll have to look into that.