Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beverly Hills 90210 vs. 90210, and Silk Stalkings

- VS -

Today, I was watching a special on The CW about their new fall lineup and became really excited about the new 90210. A spinoff of Beverly Hills 90210, which I loved! After watching a preview and seeing the new cast, I am even more excited. Some of the original cast members are returning, reprising their roles, except as adults, while a new vibrant group will take the place of the teenagers. The new show will boast an updated look, most notably, the fashion which without a doubt will immediately influence pop culture (again), sideburns… need I say more? …Didn’t think so. Along with the updates, topics which didn’t exist back when the show first aired, 18 years ago (ouch! I feel so old after saying that) will be covered and I’m sure that some of the same subjects that were already covered by the original series, which I will refer to from this point forward as The OG, will be recycled.

I was excited to find that Rob Estes will join the ensemble in the role of the father of the twins (yup, gain) from Kansas. I remember Rob from a little show I used to stay up late for everyday and watch religiously, called Silk Stalking. I know, right, what is a 10 year old doing watching a show like that… honestly! I missed many school days because I stayed up until 1:00am watching SS, but hey, no one stopped me. If you don’t know what Silk Stalkings is, you should crawl out from underneath that rock and join the rest of the world. Okay, not really, I don’t think the show was that big, after all it was a USA Network show.

Dude, I really did love that show! I remember telling everyone I was going to move to Palm Beach, Florida and be a homicide detective when I grew up… lol. I used to think that Rita (Mitzi Kapture), the female counterpart to Rob Estes’ character Chris Lorenzo, was so cool because she was a girl who carried a gun and shot people and stuff. I provided the video below of the opening sequence to SS; hopefully it’ll bring back some memories.

I hope the new show lives up to The OG, it'll be hard but I’m crossing my fingers for 90210. I almost forgot to mention, I’d like to see Tori Spelling join the cast because it wouldn’t be the same without Donna Martin, you know! Although, I do support Tori’s decision to back out of the project when she discovered she was making less than Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth... I mean the girl’s dad created the show and Tori’s got the talent and resume to be (at the very least) paid equally. But that’s just me? Who knows, this might replace my SYTYCD weekly soirĂ©e with my betches. Speaking of my betches… please comment on my blog, wuz a brava gotta do to get some love ‘round here?

Oh yeah! The 2 hour series premiere airs today (the guy in the promo video [below] said so).

Breaker, breaker… Himbo, out.


  1. I too wanted Donna to be on the show and think she should be paid equally. Himbo....Silk Stalking? Never heard of it...have you heard of Moonlighting???

    I am surprised you remember 90210 you were so little when it came out unlike us 30 somthings!

    Himbo I think you need to get off the Ginkgo Biloba, your memory is to good and that can not be healthy!

  2. I remember Silk Stalkings, but I personally prefer Remington Steele. Lol That show was bomb!

    My Gawd! My age is showing.
    Back to 90210, absolutely love the new kids! Drama, drama, drama! Although I can do without one drama queen, Brenda Walsh. She is a biatch, and just looks old and ugh! She gotta go. I could't stand looking at her gawd awful mouth. It looks like its aging the quickest. lol

  3. I haven't seen the new show...I'm sure you have it recorded so when I finally get over to your house you can catch me up!

    Silk Stalkings! You're so funny! Honestly what child watched that show!?? Really!

  4. I used to love Silk Stalkings too. Rob Estes was so hot, still is.

  5. Welcome lbluca77! Let me know if you disagree, but doesn't Rob look rather aged these days?