Thursday, September 4, 2008

90210 Series Premier

Tuesday night, I came straight home after the gym to watch the series premier of 90210! I was not disappointed, ‘twas a fantabulous show! In the opening scene, when the Wilson’s are driving through Beverly Hills>Holmby Hills in that decrepit van, right as principle/dad/Chris Lorenzo pulled into alchie-grandma’s mansion, I could swear the enormous mansion next door was Spelling Manor… I’m not 100% sure, maybe the excitement got to me but someone should confirm that and get back to me. It seemed like a nod to Aaron Spelling.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the 2 main characters were twins. Obviously, this was not the case when the show aired Tuesday. Brandon and Brenda.. I mean Dixon and Annie are the same age but Dixon is a brotha, Annie’s not a sista, it turns out Dixon was adopted by the Wilson’s. Thought I’d just clear that up.

I was lead to believe that Kelly and Brenda were going to be characters on the show, but they were credited as “special guest stars”, whatever that means. I hope that the producers realize that viewers want to see them on the show (by viewers I mean me) and write their characters in permanently. From what I’ve read, they’ll have recurring roles; it’ll be much more than that if Himbo has anything to do about it. Kelly is the guidance counselor at West Beverly Hills H.S. and Brenda came back from London to direct a musical, also at West Beverly Hills H.S.

I am most excited that the characters from the original series returned so I thought about not mentioning the very thing I'm about to mention, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t: [clearing throat] Doesn’t Shannen Doherty look tow up from the flow up? After the excitement of her debut, I thought to myself, “Dang, the girl looks tossed up from the socks up”, and I never noticed the gap in her grill before! I’m not gonna hate on her gap too much because… [ahem, ahem] Madonna, Elton, Sandra Bernhard, etc. I must admit, her entrance was bad-ass though. I screamed like a little girl when each of them first appeared, but when Brenda shows up and starts screaming and hugging... I felt like I was right there with them, in fact, I think I ended up on my feet and had to sit back down and regain my composure.

Dude, I love the alchie-grandma, that heifer is funny! She is L.U.X.U.R.I.O.U.S. She had me in stitches every time she opened her drunk-ass mouth.

So the writers went full force with the amount of “issues” they tackled in the first episode. For example, today’s teenager has to deal with the dangers of blogging. Lol yes, they worked that in the premier episode but it sounds worst than it really is. I <3'd Naomi’s birthday party! I want my next birthday party to be just like that. The best part of all was the t.v. screen displaying a posing Naomi, just in case you forgot who’s party you were at.

Gula called as soon as the series premier was over, to compare notes. She caught a lot of things I didn’t notice until after she pointed them out to me. Here are a couple:

1. Somehow I missed the whole Silver thing; obviously that’s Erin Silver, sister of Kelly Taylor and David Silver.

2. The nerdy journalist/host of "The West Beverly Blaze", Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez is obviously Andrea’s daughter. Did you catch the homage to Andrea when the teacher says, “How old is that girl, like 30”, or something to that affect.

Annie Wilson closes the episode with a cute quote, [waving her finger in a circle] “We ain’t in Kansas no mo”.

Okay, I'm going to bed. Buenas noches!


  1. Oh look at that... you got a blog-imposter too! Stupid Spam mail!

  2. OK! So I have to say as a Hard Core 90210 OG Fan I was very excited about 90210 the NEW Class :) and I have to say that I was not dissapointed :) as a matter of fact I too jumped out of my seat when I saw our old pal BRENDA :) Then to see NAT...that was super funny. I love how they made fun of Andrea's kid also :) LOL!!!Come on BC you missed the whole connection of "Silver" I'm going to kill you for sure :) Well I can't wait to see what this show has in store for us :) until Tuesday my peeps...I LOVE JASON AND LUKE they need to come back and why not throw Brian into the mix....What the hell they need to bring the ENTIRE OG cast back and then my life will be complete. One more thing I Think the sister (New Brenda) needs to eat a cheeseburger...these kids are way too skinny :(

    Indy OUT!!!

  3. Ugh! Those stupid spammers. I hate them! Thanks for the heads up Bon Don, I deleted it just now.